Medical Ethics

Improving diversity in cancer clinical trials

The Cancer Clinical Trials Community Ambassador Training Program at the Abramson Cancer Center was established in August 2021 to create spokespersons and resources to increase awareness and access to cancer clinical trials in the diverse Philadelphia communities. 

From Penn Medicine News

Learning to listen in troubled times

The SNF Paideia Program and partners featured Ernesto Pujol and Aaron Levy, an artist and an interdisciplinary scholar who have transformed both what it means to listen and what the act of listening can achieve as part of a lecture and workshops.

Kristen de Groot

In the News

ANI News (India)

University of Pennsylvania pledges to bolster relations with India at "Penn India Engagement Forum"

PIK Professor Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Dean Erika H. James of the Wharton School, and Dean Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science are quoted on the forum to support India's exceptional growth and specific health care needs.


The New York Times

‘We need pleasure to survive’

PIK Professor Ezekiel J. Emanuel says that moderation is a good principle and comments on whether tweaks in bad behavior can help. The work of Adam Grant is suggested for additional reading and an understanding of "languishing."


The Washington Post

Drug shortages are an urgent national danger. Here’s how we fix them

In an Op-Ed, PIK Professor Ezekiel J. Emanuel writes that the fragility of outsourced pharmaceutical supply chains is a risk to U.S. national security and health.


The Washington Post

Alzheimer’s drug that slows cognitive decline gets FDA approval

Holly Fernandez Lynch of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Leonard Davis Institute says that the debate over Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab underscores the complicated risk-benefit calculation for patients.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Will SEPTA’s new artificial intelligence security system racially profile riders?

In an Op-Ed, Helayne Drell and Ravi B. Parikh of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Leonard Davis Institute and colleagues offer suggestions for preventing algorithmic racial bias against SEPTA riders.



Congress’ pandemic prep effort receives mixed reviews

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel says that Congress’ bipartisan PREVENT Pandemics Act isn’t fixing the aspects that led to a bad COVID response, which doesn’t bode well for future variants and pandemics.