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The Great War and memory

History professor Warren Breckman took his Penn Global Seminar students to the Western Front area of northern France and Belgium to look at World War I through the intersections of personal and public memory.

Kristen de Groot

Can China stop climate change?

In a political science course and new book, Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives Scott Moore unfurls the layers of China’s approach to sustainability and technology.

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This is what life’s like in the world’s strictest COVID Zero city

Amy Gadsden of Penn Global says that China’s COVID Zero policies are a stark reminder of the party state’s ability to intervene in citizens’ lives in absolute and even cruel ways.



What Fauci’s exit tells us about the ongoing fight against COVID

PIK Professor and Vice Provost for Penn Global Ezekiel Emanuel says Fauci and the role he is leaving require someone able to translate science for the public and policy makers.


The Wall Street Journal

How the U.S. surrendered to China on scientific research

In an op-ed, PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel, Amy Gadsden, and Scott Moore, all of Penn Global, said America’s “lead in science and technology fields has been significantly eroded.” The authors say the U.S. needs to “meet [China’s] strength with strength” by investing in innovation.



Joe Biden to offer contrast to Trump in London foreign policy speech

Joseph Biden of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement challenged the current administration’s approach to foreign policy when he spoke on campus last month. “The worst thing in the world we can have is this new naked nationalism America first. I believe making America first, in the way we're doing it, will make America last,” he said.


NBC News

What Is NATO? And What Do Trump and Russia Think About It?

Rebecca Lissner of Perry World House provided historical context for NATO’s continued value. In response to criticism of the alliance, Lissner proposed modernization over dissolution.


Philadelphia Business Journal

How to Watch Joe Biden's Conversation with Penn President Amy Gutmann

Former Vice President Joe Biden is returning to campus this afternoon to join President Amy Gutmann for a conversation focusing on the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. It will be livestreamed on March 29th, 2018 from 3 to 4 p.m. (EDT).