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Philadelphia Inquirer

From the U.N. climate conference, advice for Philly as it adapts to global warming

A delegation of Penn students, researchers, and faculty who attended the COP27 climate conference offer their ideas for how Philadelphia officials can work to make the goals of the Paris Agreement a reality.


Philadelphia Inquirer

How Philly can stay ahead of the curve in addressing climate change

In an Op-Ed, visiting scholar Mauricio Rodas of Perry World House and Eugénie L. Birch of the Weitzman School of Design offer recommendations that might help Philadelphia mitigate and adapt to extreme heat.



For Biden, the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul was a turning point in his presidency

John Gans of Perry World House says that every president since JFK has had an early term crisis, an event that punctures their momentum with the American public.


The New York Times

Mostly bluster: Why China went easy on Taiwan’s economy

Thomas J. Shattuck of Perry World House says that future Chinese bans may be targeted to punish Taiwanese industries in Democratic Progressive Party strongholds, but that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry would be considered too essential to China’s economy.


Foreign Policy

The tragedy of Robert McFarlane

Perry World House Fellow John Gans writes, “During his two years as then-President Ronald Reagan’s third national security advisor, [Robert] McFarlane aspired to wield power on the level of his most famous predecessor, Henry Kissinger. But McFarlane proved both too ambitious and too ineffective to wield it in accordance with the law, and instead he became embroiled in the Iran-Contra scandal.”


The Conversation

The seas are coming for us in Kiribati. Will Australia rehome us?

Perry World House Distinguished Global Leader-in-Residence Anote Tong, former president of the Republic of Kiribati, co-wrote an article about the uncertain future of Kiribati amid rising sea levels. “What we need is a model where displaced people can migrate to host nations when their homes become uninhabitable,” Tong and co-author Akka Rimon wrote. “Countries like Australia need workers—and we will soon need homes.”