Perry World House

Staging the plague

Eighty-one students training in a diversity of health professions worked with regional and federal agencies to confront an imagined outbreak scenario centered around bubonic plague in Philadelphia.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Educational leaders examine the ‘University of the Future’

“Beyond the Walls: The University of the Future” brought scholars, administrators, and technology experts together to discuss the future of higher education and the disruption of the traditional “brick and mortar” college campus.

Jill DiSanto

In the News

The Washington Post

A New U.S. Policy Makes It (Somewhat) Easier to Export Drones

Michael Horowitz of the School of Arts and Sciences and Perry World House and Joshua Schwartz, a doctoral candidate in Arts and Sciences, analyzed the administration’s policy changes around drone exports.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Strives to Be a Reassuring Voice to Allies in a Chaotic Time

Perry World House fellow Derek Chollet and the School of Arts and Sciences’ Mitchell Orenstein weighed in on Mattis’ impact on U.S. military alliances.