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Coming together for Ukraine

In an event hosted by Penn Global and the Office of the Chaplain, Ukrainian students, faculty, and staff, as well as American and international members of the Penn community gathered at Perry World House in a show of solidarity.

Amanda Mott

‘War in Europe: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine’

In an expert briefing hosted by Perry World House and moderated by Lightning Scholar Jane Vaynman, former NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow, political science professor Rudra Sil, and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin discussed sanctions, the humanitarian crisis, and whether diplomatic solutions are realistic.

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Foreign Policy

The tragedy of Robert McFarlane

Perry World House Fellow John Gans writes, “During his two years as then-President Ronald Reagan’s third national security advisor, [Robert] McFarlane aspired to wield power on the level of his most famous predecessor, Henry Kissinger. But McFarlane proved both too ambitious and too ineffective to wield it in accordance with the law, and instead he became embroiled in the Iran-Contra scandal.”


The Conversation

The seas are coming for us in Kiribati. Will Australia rehome us?

Perry World House Distinguished Global Leader-in-Residence Anote Tong, former president of the Republic of Kiribati, co-wrote an article about the uncertain future of Kiribati amid rising sea levels. “What we need is a model where displaced people can migrate to host nations when their homes become uninhabitable,” Tong and co-author Akka Rimon wrote. “Countries like Australia need workers—and we will soon need homes.”


The Washington Post

As Trump battles coronavirus, no plans for Pence to assume temporary authority, say administration officials

John Gans of Perry World House said the administration’s efforts to limit the power of numerous government agencies has complicated the question of how the country would operate were Trump unable to perform his presidential duties. “The modern national security system was largely created as a result of kind of similar situations, where you realize the humanity of the one person this entire system depends on,” Gans said.


The New York Times

John Bolton is the model of a Trump sellout

John Gans of Perry World House wrote an op-ed about John Bolton and his former role in the Trump administration.


The Washington Post

How can Trump fight the pandemic when he’s chasing experts out of government?

John Gans of Perry World House wrote about the administration’s removal of “disloyal” civil servants and the effect on the effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic. “This sort of purge is undermining government at a time when it is needed most,” he wrote.



Impeachment check-in: President Trump’s defense and Bolton’s book

John Gans of the Perry World House joined a conversation about the presidential impeachment trial.