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Pope Francis supports same-sex unions

The Catholic Church has long stated that marriage is between a man and a woman, a position Pope Francis supports. Melissa Wilde and Anthea Butler discuss the Pope’s recent support of civil unions that ensure legal rights for same-sex couples.

Kristina García

A food journey across the Middle East

During a summer internship with Professor Heather J. Sharkey, four undergrads studied oranges, olive oil, coffee, and sorghum in an effort to understand their political, nutritional, and emotional value to the region.

Michele W. Berger

Understanding death

In the latest episode of Penn Today’s “Understand This ...” podcast series, assistant professor of Religious Studies Jolyon Thomas and Director of Pastoral Services James Browning explore dialogues around death.

Brandon Baker

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“All Things Considered,” National Public Radio

After Falwell’s departure, Liberty students worry about their school and their faith

Michele Margolis of the School of Arts & Sciences says that young evangelicals are more progressive than previous generations on some issues but don’t seem to be moving away from the Republican Party overall.


The Washington Post

New study in ‘Science’: Medieval Catholicism explains the differences between cultures to this day

Coren Apicella of the School of Arts and Sciences commented on a new study that found a correlation between countries with longer histories of exposure to Catholicism and lower measures of kinship intensity. “This is the only theory that I am aware of that attempts to explain broad patterns of human psychology on a global scale,” she said.


How genetics paint a picture of the Jewish past

Steven Weitzman of the School of Arts and Sciences commented on efforts to study Jewish genetics. While the research is “fascinating,” he acknowledges that it may make some uncomfortable. “There’s a lot of resistance to [genetic research] within the field of Jewish studies,” Weitzman said. “A lot of people remember or have in mind the role of race science in Nazism. So the idea that Jewish scholars would look in any way to genetics to understand Jewish identity or Jewish history and origins can make people concerned.”