Social Work

Negotiating a truce in the war on drugs

A Penn Law symposium brought together experts from the legal, law enforcement, social work, and policy camps to discuss how to refocus the decades-long fight to be less punitive and more protective.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

Staging the plague

Eighty-one students training in a diversity of health professions worked with regional and federal agencies to confront an imagined outbreak scenario centered around bubonic plague in Philadelphia.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Social work students help refugees in Europe

Doctoral students from the School of Social Policy & Practice shared their expertise with leaders at an NGO that provides trauma-informed services for refugees in Athens.

Jill DiSanto , Jill DiSanto

In the News


This Is Why Advocates Are Supporting LGBTQ Foster Parents in Court

Sarah Wasch of the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Field Center spoke about the “dangerous message” foster-care agencies send to children when denying applications from LGBTQ potential parents.


Chronicle of Social Change

Does your agency reflect the diversity of the community it serves? Why not?

Raekwon Burton, a grad student in the School of Social Policy & Practice, wrote about the lack of diversity in the field of social work.