Pandemic bike-share boom crossed socioeconomic lines

A new Weitzman study reports an increase in trip duration for all bike-share users across Philadelphia, challenging the assumption that low-income populations are less likely to use such services.

Marilyn Perkins

A new metric for designing safer streets

Penn researchers demonstrate how biometric data can help city planners more proactively design and evaluate the safety of urban infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Erica K. Brockmeier

A shaky future for U.S. transit systems, and why we need to save them

The pandemic lockdown in cities has impacted transit systems around the world. While the federal stimulus package includes transit agencies, experts at Kleinman Center for Energy Policy argue that the decrease from local and state sources could be substantial.

From Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

Minding the gap between mass transit and ride-hailing apps

With support from the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, doctoral students Caitlin Gorback and Summer Dong are researching how services like Uber and Lyft are changing our transport habits, cities, and environments.

Gina Vitale , Michele W. Berger

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CBS Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Council revives proposal for Roosevelt Boulevard subway

Doctoral student Jay Arzu of the Weitzman School of Design has spearheaded the revival of a Roosevelt Boulevard subway leading to Northeast Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Benjamin Franklin Parkway is getting a redesign. You can weigh in on the changes

Penn partnered with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation in 2013 to make the Benjamin Franklin Parkway more vibrant, accessible, and welcoming to pedestrians and tourists.


Philadelphia Inquirer

What time, day, and month are the most dangerous to drive in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

Megan Ryerson of the Weitzman School of Design says that crashes in Philadelphia stop-and-go traffic often result in fender-benders rather than deaths.


Philadelphia Inquirer

How to hack your commute during the I-95 bridge collapse repairs

Erick Guerra of the Weitzman School of Design says that knowing what to expect helps commuters have patience and handle traffic.


CBS Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Council explores subway line under Roosevelt Boulevard into Northeast

Doctoral student Jay Arzu in the Weitzman School of Design is one of the main advocates for the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway Movement in Northeast Philadelphia.


The Messenger

The I-95 bridge collapse is causing traffic headaches, but don’t expect Carmageddon

Erick Guerra of the Weitzman School of Design says that most people will adjust quickly to new commute patterns detouring I-95, which will free up the blockage.