Pandemic bike-share boom crossed socioeconomic lines

A new Weitzman study reports an increase in trip duration for all bike-share users across Philadelphia, challenging the assumption that low-income populations are less likely to use such services.

Marilyn Perkins

A new metric for designing safer streets

Penn researchers demonstrate how biometric data can help city planners more proactively design and evaluate the safety of urban infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Erica K. Brockmeier

A shaky future for U.S. transit systems, and why we need to save them

The pandemic lockdown in cities has impacted transit systems around the world. While the federal stimulus package includes transit agencies, experts at Kleinman Center for Energy Policy argue that the decrease from local and state sources could be substantial.

From Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

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Philadelphia Inquirer

SEPTA stops work on proposed King of Prussia Rail Line after federal government denies funding

Doctoral student Jay Arzu of the Weitzman School of Design outlines SEPTA transit projects that could replace its scrapped $3 billion King of Prussia line.


Freakonomics Radio

Is your plane ticket too expensive—or too cheap?

Megan Ryerson of the Weitzman School of Design explains how airlines manage volatile fuel costs, a pricey workforce, and complex logistics to make money.


Philadelphia Inquirer

SEPTA said ‘there really is no way forward’ to build the Roosevelt Boulevard subway

Jay Arzu of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design appreciates that SEPTA officials are being honest about not having the funding for a massive subway project.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

With PennDOT studying transit options for Roosevelt Boulevard, a subway is back on the table

In an Op-Ed, doctoral candidate Jay Arzu of the Weitzman School of Design explains why plans for the Roosevelt Boulevard subway in Northeast Philadelphia are back on the table.


Two college buds spent 19 hours riding 10 NJ Transit buses across NJ. Here’s how it went

A profile examines Miles Taylor, a College of Arts and Sciences student graduating next month who’s traversing the length of New Jersey using only local NJ Transit bus service.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

A Roosevelt Blvd. subway is not guaranteed, but community input could help

In an Op-Ed, doctoral student Jay Arzu in the Weitzman School of Design discusses the progress and potential of a new Roosevelt Boulevard subway in Philadelphia.