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MAGPI Hub at University of Pennsylvania Connects to New Internet2 Network

PHILADELPHIA -- The MAGPI advanced networking hub at the University of Pennsylvania has connected to the new Internet2 Network, providing the research and education community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with more than 10 times the capacity of its current network and with new on-demand bandwidth capabilities.

Julie McWilliams, Lauren Rotman

Staff Q&A with Jane Irish

Many of the young artists in the Fine Arts program at Penn dream of being able to sustain themselves through their art. It’s a seductive fantasy, says painter Jane Irish, and one that she was able to live for more than a decade after getting her graduate degree from CUNY’s Queens College.

Judy Hill

'We cannot live in a vacuum.'

As a former international student himself, Rodolfo Altamirano says he understands the anxieties foreign students face when coming to study in the United States. But Altamirano also knows the world is a very different place today than it was when he left the Philippines, 23 years ago, to pursue a doctorate at Michigan State University.

Tim Hyland

Staff Q&A: Jean-Marie Kneeley

As vice dean of external affairs for the School of Arts and Sciences, Jean-Marie Kneeley raises money for a living. This fall, her fundraising skills were tapped for a cause that’s even closer to her heart than Penn. On Oct. 8 she completed the Breast Cancer 3-Day, a 60-mile walk in and around Philadelphia.

Judy Hill

Q&A/David Luzzi

With all the hoopla around nanotechnology, you’d think it was a brand new science. Not so, says David Luzzi, a professor of materials science and engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Judy Hill

Staff Q&A: Tara Betterbid

When Tara Betterbid decided to move to Philadelphia two years ago, she knew little about the city and didn’t know what she was going to do to make ends meet. All she knew was her rent here would be $300 less than it was in New York City—and that the local music scene, with a wealth of soulful R&B singers, seemed the perfect fit for her.

Tim Hyland

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Chronicle of Higher Education

How colleges are sparing birds’ lives and conserving energy

Penn landscape planner Chloe Cerwinka discussed her work advocating for more bird-friendly architecture on campus.


Video: Penn Museum’s Middle East gallery

The Penn Museum has unveiled its gallery of Middle Eastern art and antiquities. The new gallery, which covers nearly 10,000 years of history, is the first in a series to be installed at the Museum during the next several years.


WBUR Radio (Boston)

Can gentrification be a good thing?

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School and the Penn Institute for Urban Research joined other experts for a conversation about gentrification.


CBS Philadelphia

Big concerns ‘lanternfly’ could damage some Pennsylvania exports

Anthony Aiello of the Morris Arboretum discussed measures for limiting the spread of the lanternfly, an invasive species new to Pennsylvania that feeds on grapes and orchards.


Philadelphia Inquirer

76ers owner Josh Harris gives $1 million gift to Penn wrestling

Penn wrestling coach Roger Reina said that the gift was a game-changer both financially and symbolically. “In addition to the strategic elements to support the program, it’s also an inspiration to our student-athletes; it’s an inspiration to our staff, to our alumni and recruits,” said Reina.