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Two Penn Students Named Albert Schweitzer Fellows

PHILADELPHIA — Two graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania, along with 13 others from the greater Philadelphia region, have each been awarded an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. 

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Winning in Style: Stylitics Wins Wharton Business Plan Competition

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 28, 2011--The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced that student team Stylitics won the $30,000 Michelson Grand Prize of the 2011 Wharton Business Plan Competition (

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Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy plan is almost done, and it could start a fight

David Skeel of the Law School commented on Puerto Rico’s plan to restructure its $124 billion in debt using a bankruptcy-like law called Promesa. “If this works—if Promesa works and the restructuring works—it may make bankruptcy for states seem like something that lawmakers should be considering a little more seriously,” he said. “But if it doesn’t work, it would have the opposite effect.”


What could be next for the Affordable Care Act lawsuit

Allison Hoffman of the Law School was interviewed about an Affordable Care Act lawsuit being evaluated by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. “The fact that this case is being heard seriously by the Fifth Circuit is just, sort of, implausible,” said Hoffman. “It reflects on, a little bit on who the judges are.”


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Pa. Supreme Court will probe alleged ‘systemic failure’ in Philadelphia bail practices

In a conversation about the cash bail system, Ross Miller of the Law School cited research from the Quattrone Center which found that “pretrial detention has a crimenogenic effect: When people are held in custody prior to the resolution of a case, that can actually increase recidivism and decrease public safety.”


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Two-day shipping or 113 years of experience? How an Italian Market kitchen shop plans to outwit Amazon

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School discussed a retail business in Philadelphia’s Italian Market. “They are really operating on a good in-store customer experience that can’t be duplicated online. That is one of the ways to compete in today’s world,” she said.


Medicare for All. Single-payer. Expanding Obamacare. What’s the difference?

Allison Hoffman of the Law School discussed the array of proposals for U.S. health care systems. “For a decade now, we’ve had a system that has relied on markets and private competition more than any of our peer nations—and that hasn’t worked,” she said. “The [Medicare for All] debate is a revisiting of the question: ‘Are we going to rely on our government to ensure access to health care and what form is it going to take?’”