Hack4Impact: a global coding force for good

There’s a multiplier effect when Penn students combine their programming capabilities and commitment to social justice in order to help nonprofits further their mission.

“We have a vision for how we want social impact to be a focus for technology,” says Katie Jiang (CIS’20), co-director of Hack4Impact, a student-led club founded at Penn in 2014 that, together with partner chapters around the country, has helped nearly 40 nonprofits in Philadelphia and beyond. “We want to engage more students at Penn and at other universities in social impact to empower nonprofits with programming solutions that will help them grow, become more efficient and achieve their goals.”


Participants in Hack4Impact, a creative and dedicated cadre of 30 Penn students, spend 5 to 15 unpaid hours weekly developing web-based applications that help nonprofits access, share and analyze complicated, changing data sets. Choosing from dozens of nonprofit applications, they select five coding projects each semester, prioritizing opportunities to create broadly useful, replicable programs for nonprofits whose missions they are passionate about advancing.

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