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Full circle

Jennifer Toth was treated for hepatoblastoma as a young child at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she returned to work as an oncology nurse following her graduation from Penn Nursing in 2015.

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Our Nurses: the best-kept secret in Medicine today

Dean Antonia Villarruel of the School of Nursing was highlighted as an “enlightened woman who worked the hardest to give fair recognition to the many women and men of Hispanic origin anxious to make a contribution to the quality of American health care through their yet to be valued profession of nursing.”



Breastfeeding mums are finally getting spaces to pump at some U.S. institutions

Diane Spatz of the School of Nursing discussed her research about on-campus lactation spaces. “The research is indisputable that breastfeeding improves the lives of individual mothers and infants and results in overall better societal outcomes,” said Spatz.


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Anti-vaccine parents are often white, college-educated, ‘Whole Foods moms’

The School of Nursing’s Alison Buttenheim and Janet Chrzan as well as Lindsay Glassman, a doctoral candidate in the School of Arts and Sciences, commented on anti-vaccine beliefs.


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Virtual reality helping in fight against opioid deaths

The School of Nursing offers a virtual reality (VR) simulation to train responders how to administer Narcan, an overdose-reversing drug. The simulation demonstrates that VR training can be “low cost, high efficacy, and that it’s just as good as the gold standard of medical training,” said Clare Whitney, a doctoral student in the Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation.


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Are doctors helping parents skirt mandatory vaccines for their kids?

A study from the nursing school, authored by postdoc Salini Mohanty, was cited in a report about medical exemptions from vaccination.