President Gutmann recognized as a global leader by Fortune magazine

Penn President Amy Gutmann

President Amy Gutmann’s influence at the University is getting global recognition by making Fortunes World’s 50 Greatest Leaders list for 2018. Joining the ranks of powerful activists, CEOs, political figures, and public citizens of note, Gutmann is among a list of people who are diverse in their mission, but share a common drive for leadership with integrity, success, and innovation. 

This year’s list emphasizes the phenomenon of “unbundling,” and is an insightful approach to ranking successful global figures. Fortune recognizes leaders for their ability to make an enterprise greater by alternative means: bottom-up management models, de-centralizing power, delegating control, and focusing on underrepresented populations. Fortune highlights Gutmann’s primary mission to expand the first-generation, low-income student population at Penn, and her fundraising prowess for all-grant financial aid, which makes an Ivy League education within reach for ambitious students with financial constraints. 

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