Student group increases the visibility of women in architecture

Historically, architecture has been a “man’s world.” But as times change, and even more women enter the field, the next challenge is keeping them in it—and providing them the encouragement to move up.

The members of PennDesign Women in Architecture.
The members of PennDesign Women in Architecture. (Photo: PennDesign News)

“It’s one thing to be an architect,” says Franca Trubiano, an associate professor of architecture. “It’s another thing to be an architect in leadership.”

A student group at the School is tackling the subject head-on. PennDesign Women in Architecture (PWIA), which formed organically by a group of determined female graduate architecture students in 2016, has quickly grown into a professional development powerhouse for the School and the University.

Its goal? To create a community that increases the visibility and voices of women in architecture, brings awareness to the gender disparity in the profession, and empowers female architects to grow, succeed, and become leaders in the industry.

“When we look up, and we don’t see as many women in the field that we aspire to be, it resonates,” says Ramona Adlakha, one of the co-founders of PWIA. “That’s something that drove us to start this group.”

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