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Affirmative action in higher ed

Cara McClellan of the Law School’s Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic explains what’s at stake in the Supreme Court case over Harvard’s affirmative action policy.

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Bail reform and public safety

A Quattrone Center study has found that misdemeanor bail reforms in Harris County, Texas have had a positive impact on public safety.

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Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

A dynamic thinker

A profile examines the career of Anita L. Allen of Penn Carey Law and the School of Arts & Sciences, who was recently named as one of two recipients of the Hastings Center’s 2022 Bioethics’ Founders Award.



Supreme Court signals it may side with web designer who wants to refuse same-sex couples

In an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, Tobias Wolff of Penn Carey Law argues that a ruling against Colorado’s anti-discrimination law could cause a slippery slope of people claiming they’re exempt from anti-discrimination policies.



Supreme Court hears clash between LGBTQ and business owners’ rights

Tobias Wolff of Penn Carey Law says that the First Amendment treats businesses that enter the commercial marketplace and put their talents in the service of customers very differently from street corner speakers proclaiming their own messages.


Fixing foster care wouldn't actually be that hard—or that expensive

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts argues for dismantling the current “multi-billion-dollar apparatus” of foster care, since the bulk of its investigations and removals penalize specific families for poverty.



Iger’s Disney return is familiar, not always workable, storyline

Jill Fisch of Penn Carey Law says that returning CEOs might not appreciate the nuances of how changing political tides have affected the business.