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Law students spearhead pro bono projects for pandemic relief

From connecting small businesses with loans to helping Philadelphians navigate unemployment and housing insecurity, students at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School are working to get people the help they need.

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The Washington Post

Trump pushes new environmental rollbacks on way out the door

Cary Coglianese of the Law School said it’s not unusual for outgoing presidents to push for regulatory changes before the end of their term. “Regulations are not like diamonds,” he said. “They don’t last forever.”


ABC Australia

Trump self-pardon ‘cannot be ruled out’

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School spoke about challenges to the results of the presidential election and the possibility of President Donald Trump pardoning himself. “That would be an extremely interesting jurisprudential question because we’ve never had such a case,” she said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Young people, including one who can’t even vote yet, will be working at the polls Tuesday so the elderly don’t have to

Law student Rachel Baker Mann spoke about volunteering to work the polls for this year’s election.



Special Report: As jails free thousands amid COVID-19, reform push takes root

David Abrams of the Law School weighed in on how crime rates have shifted during the pandemic. “It’s a real serious challenge to figure out because a lot of dramatic changes are happening at the same time,” he said.


ABC Australia

Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed to US Supreme Court nine days before election

Claire Finkelstein of the Law School weighed in on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and how it might shape the upcoming election. “I think there’s just about zero chance [Barrett] would recuse herself” from a case challenging the election results, said Finkelstein.