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Hong Kong handover, 25 years later

Hong Kong marks 25 years under Chinese control on July 1. Jacques deLisle, director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China, discusses where Hong Kong stands now and what the future might hold.

Kristen de Groot

The factors that lead to eviction by default

A new study from Penn Law’s David Hoffman links tenant evictions with long courthouse commute times, and finds that adopting video technology in court significantly reduce barriers to justice.

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Facing climate change with optimism

In the course titled Climate Change & the Energy Evolution, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law students learn how to use their legal skills to decarbonize the world’s economy.

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These companies will pay for abortion-related travel for employees

If companies offer to provide interstate travel for pregnancy terminations, some states may object. Some Republican legislators may object to that, says Maurice Schweitzer of the Wharton School. Kermit Roosevelt of Penn Carey Law says, “It’s going to get complicated.”



Penn Law to remove name of controversial Supreme Court justice from building

Penn Carey Law will remove from a campus building  the name of a former U.S. Supreme Court chief justice who wrote an 1857 majority opinion upholding slavery.


The coming legal battles of post-Roe America

Seth Kreimer of Penn Carey Law argues that extraterritorial prosecution of abortion would likely be illegal under the Constitution.


The New York Times

Businesses are bracing for the political and social fight post-Roe

Tom Baker of Penn Carey Law says that there are teams of lawyers trying to figure this out what the Supreme Court decision overruling Roe v. Wade will mean for employees’ health care coverage.


Spotlight PA

Statewide Pennsylvania police hiring database hindered by loopholes, lack of enforcement

David Rudovsky of Penn Carey Law comments on there being hundreds of thousands of regulations, almost all of which have some kind of consequence.