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Remembering Harry Belafonte

Tukufu Zuberi describes meeting the musician-turned-activist, plus how Belafonte used his talents for good and what legacy he leaves behind.

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How and when to remove children from their homes? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts explains why the child welfare system can be particularly risky for Black and Indigenous families.


America’s mothers are suckers. And I say that with love

In an Op-Ed featuring a quote from PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan of Penn Carey Law writes that American capitalism has commodified motherhood, shifting it from a “social good” to a “personal choice” when women ask for support.


Washington Informer

Black men grapple with mental health challenges

Howard C. Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education says that people should place less emphasis on whether Black men are resistant to therapy and more on understanding the contexts in which they already feel comfortable discussing their feelings and traumas.


Bharat Express (India)

California’s Black recovery panel begins historic voting

Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts & Sciences says that a California task force’s efforts to address reparations should be encouraging to advocates across the country.


Yahoo! News

Child welfare system is overloaded with racial disparities that impact Black families, experts say

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts says that Black families have been entangled in the child welfare system since the time of slavery, when they were routinely separated.



A Texas family fought for weeks to regain custody of their newborn. Experts say the case shows how Black parents are criminalized

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts says that decisions to report neglect and abuse to the child welfare system are largely shaped by racist stereotypes of Black families.