Keepers of the cultural memory

In wartime, saving human lives is a top priority. But secondary considerations often include preserving the cultural heritage also under siege. Penn experts offer their thoughts as the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold.

Michele W. Berger

In the News

NBC News

Ancient rock carvings unearthed in northern Iraqi city of Mosul

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania are supporting the reconstruction effort for the Mashki Gate in Iraq, which led to the discovery of eight marble slabs dating back to the Assyrians.


Architect Magazine

In Tuskegee and Pennsylvania, educators lead the next generation of architectural preservation

Randall Mason of the Weitzman School of Design discusses his efforts in collaboration with Tuskegee University to restore the Armstrong School, a piece of Tuskegee’s legacy and an opportunity to train students in historical preservation.


The Architect’s Newspaper

The 2022 ACADIA conference, kicking off later this month in Philadelphia, will explore new modes of practice

The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture is returning to an in-person conference at Penn after two years of virtual events, with a quote from Fritz Steiner of the Weitzman School of Design.


Hidden City Philadephia

Symposium shines a light on the Philadelphia rowhouse

A symposium on the history, prevalence, and preservation of the Philadelphia rowhouse has been organized by the Weitzman School of Design, with quotes from Frank G. Matero.


The New York Times

Whatever happened to the starter home?

Joseph Gyourko of the Wharton School says that local communities have gotten much better at restricting unwanted development in the last 30 to 40 years.


New Scientist

Drone swarm that 3D prints cement structures could construct buildings

Robert Stuart-Smith of the Weitzman School of Design and colleagues demonstrate how 3D-printing drones can create large structures made of foam or cement, paving the way for future construction efforts.