New books from Wharton faculty

The latest installments of The Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, “Ripple Effect,” showcases recent books on leadership, customer service, immigration, and the power of data.

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Women and leadership at Wharton

The latest episodes of the Wharton School’s faculty research podcast, ‘Ripple Effect,’ explore the gendered workplace, women’s leadership, and equality.

From Knowledge at Wharton

Challenging the boundaries of STEM

Female faculty and staff from the School of Social Policy & Practice, the Wharton School, and Penn Carey Law shared how they integrate science, technology, engineering, and math into their work.

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Jarkesy decision doesn’t have to mark end of agency adjudication

David Zaring of the Wharton School writes that the SEC can establish a procedural rule that recognizes a right to remove, preserving the administrative powers of regulatory agencies.



Five keys to a positive and evolving strategy for business leadership

In their book “The Strategic Leader’s Roadmap,” Harbir Singh and Michael Useem of the Wharton School recommend critical steps for the success of new business founders.



As more AI tools emerge in education, so does concern among teachers about being replaced

Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School worries that many businesses and organizations are too focused on efficiency and downsizing as they rush to adopt AI technologies.



Fed bank oversight powers grow more uncertain in wake of court action

Christina Parajon Skinner of the Wharton School says that there are ways a program can be set up to benefit a specific industry, like green energy, that could create grounds for a legal challenge.


Business Insider

Job seekers are jumping through more hoops to get hired as power shifts back to employers

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says that in recent years the hiring process has slowed down as the number of interview rounds has increased.


Yahoo! Finance

Paying off a student loan? Your company could match that money in your 401(k)

Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School explains how younger and older workers will benefit from a new provision where employers can match student loan payments as retirement contributions.