What the FTX collapse means for the cryptocurrency market

The rapid fall of FTX makes clear that better regulation is necessary to protect investors and reduce crime in the cryptocurrency market. Wharton’s Kevin Werbach explains why the path to regulation isn’t a straight line.

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Learning to be a Chief Learning Officer

The Graduate School of Education’s Chief Learning Officer program has a new director, Raghu Krishnamoorthy. The program gives working executives new skills, connections, and expertise to become scholar-practitioners.

Louisa Shepard

The future leaders of the business world

Wharton Global Youth Program is the first business school to engage pre-college students worldwide with online, on-campus, and on-site programs.

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Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Abortion, consumer choice and teaching hospitals: Experts weigh in on Fairview-Sanford merger

Lawton Robert Burns of the Wharton School says that the distance between two hospitals makes them unlikely to be engaging in anti-competitive conduct, though he questions the difference between the public and private rationale of their system executives.


The New York Times

Have the anticapitalists reached Harvard Business School?

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School says that Wharton’s shift towards progressive courses like Kevin Werbach’s “Responsibility in Business” is a matter of economics, not ideology.



Iger’s Disney return is familiar, not always workable, storyline

Jill Fisch of Penn Carey Law says that returning CEOs might not appreciate the nuances of how changing political tides have affected the business.


Philadelphia Business Journal

Starting salaries for Wharton MBA grads are higher than ever as school’s tech pipeline grows

Penn’s MBA Careers Report shows that 99% of the Wharton School’s MBA graduates have full-time job offers, with a median starting salary of $175,000, the highest ever.



Market Wrap: Investors continue to learn more about FTX’s mismanagement

In an essay, Francine McKenna of the Wharton School outlines the series of missteps in FTX’s auditing process.


Marketplace (NPR)

There’s a hiring boom for diversity and inclusion managers. And the jobs have high turnover

Stephanie Creary of the Wharton School says that lack of support for CDOs speaks volumes about an organization’s unwillingness to do necessary strategic work.