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Talking energy at Penn

Energy Week 2022, hosted by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology, runs April 4-8. It includes student presentations, along with conversations about renewables, energy and the war in Ukraine, and much more.

Michele W. Berger , Lindsey Samahon

The alternative fuel life of everyday items

Researchers in the Goldberg Group, including Karen Goldberg, Vagelos Professor in Energy Research, and Drew Newman, doctoral candidate in chemistry, focus on alternative fuel sources for items that are part of everyday life.


The infrastructure bill could fix trucking for the long haul

As the country explores major infrastructure investments, urban truck ports have the potential to increase the fuel efficiency of trucks, reduce air pollution, and improve the lives of truckers who deliver our critical goods.

From Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

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The New York Times

Mississippi crisis highlights climate threat to drinking water nationwide

Allison Lassiter of the Weitzman School of Design says that the infrastructure act doesn’t inject enough money into public water supply systems to fundamentally change them.


With COP27 approaching, cities like Philadelphia are ‘powerful tools’ for climate adaptation

Mark Alan Hughes of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy says that cities are powerful tools for collective action on climate change, noting that Philadelphia is vulnerable on climate adaptation but well-positioned to improve.



Renewable energy is maligned by misinformation. It’s a distraction, experts say

Shelley Welton of Penn Carey Law and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy says that blaming renewables is a distraction, a way to forestall a transition that is underway but needs to be moving faster.


Associated Press

Dangerous heat predicted to hit three times more often in future

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that a new study about rising heat waves focuses on mathematical probabilities rather than the true political obstacles.


KWGS (Tulsa)

A GOP misinformation campaign targets Democrats’ climate spending packages

Shelley Welton of Penn Carey Law and the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy says that continued reliance on fossil fuels will create a worsening cycle of threats to the electricity grid.