A humanities pathway to pre-med

Pre-med students majoring in English, theatre, history, and other humanities fields find satisfaction in tapping into multiple interests—and see benefits for a career in medicine.

Erica Moser

The power of chick lit

Meghan Hall, lecturer and associate director for graduate studies in the Department of English, talks about what gives the popular literary genre its staying power.


‘Ladysitting’ on stage 

The new play “Ladysitting” at the Arden Theatre Co. is by Penn English faculty and alumna Lorene Cary, based on her memoir about caring for her grandmother in the last of her 101 years.

Louisa Shepard

Exploring Jane Austen and Taylor Swift

In a first-year English seminar taught by Melissa Jensen in the School of Arts & Sciences, students focus on the teenaged writing by now-famous authors, musicians, and artists, including Jane Austen and Taylor Swift.

Louisa Shepard

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Chronicle of Higher Education

The best scholarly books of 2023

Jed Esty of the School of Arts & Sciences is lauded for his 2022 book, “The Future of Decline,” which compares the current decline of U.S. power to the dissolution of the British empire.



The Iliad: How modern readers get this epic wrong

In a Q&A, Emily Wilson of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses what the Iliad can tell us about modern society, from masculinity to environmentalism.


The Washington Post

To his final days, my father always knew how to pull off the landing

In an Op-Ed, Paul Hendrickson of the School of Arts & Sciences reflects on his father’s legacy as a pilot and their complex relationship.


Philadelphia Magazine

Why are 30,000 people studying poetry online with this guy?

Al Filreis of the School of Arts & Sciences is spotlighted for his popular online course on modern poetry.


Financial Times

American mockery of Britain masks a deeper insecurity

Jed Esty of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Americans use Britain as a metaphor, a cultural projection of American anxiety.


ABC Australia

The new Bridgerton prequel is ‘fiction inspired by fact’. So who was the real Queen Charlotte?

Ania Loomba of the School of Arts & Sciences says that a person historically described as a Moor or “blackamoor” wasn’t necessarily Black.