Woodstock at 50

During three days of Woodstock in August of 1969, Anthony DeCurtis of the School of Arts and Sciences was 18, growing up in New York City and obsessed with the music that would form the foundation of his writing and teaching.

Louisa Shepard

Engaging history

Junior Margarita Ortiz conducted a comprehensive survey of 18 sites as a summer intern for the Historic Germantown consortium in her hometown of Philadelphia.

Louisa Shepard

Lamentations for Sudan

Sudanese scholar Ali Ali-Dinar, a senior lecturer in the Department of Africana Studies, discusses the ongoing uprising in the East African country and the Sudan massacre.

Greg Johnson

Adolph Reed is retiring. But he’s still got more to say

After more than 40 years as a political science professor, incisive commentator, and mentor to countless students, Reed is ending his teaching career. Now, he can turn his full attention to writing, and the 2020 campaign.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

In conversation with the Russian ambassador

During an event on campus, Professor Mitchell Orenstein spoke with Anatoly Antonov about ‘fake news,’ U.S.-Russia relations, and why arms control negotiations need to resume.

Gwyneth K. Shaw

In the News

WHYY (Philadelphia)

Touring Philly’s Black History Along South Street From Du Bois Home to Standard Theater

Penn students Helen Fetaw, Nathaniel Gertzman, and Ramon Garcia Gomez joined Penn chaplain and professor Chaz Howard to lead a Black History Month tour of South Street.


Immanent Frame

Material Mourning in the Secular Sculpture Garden

Donovan Schaefer of the School of Arts and Sciences contributed an opinion piece about Treptow, a Soviet war memorial and mass grave in Berlin.