The Immigration Act of 1924

A century after a federal law established a national quota system on immigration, legal historian Hardeep Dhillon explains the significance and legacy of the Immigration Act of 1924.

Kristina García

A humanities pathway to pre-med

Pre-med students majoring in English, theatre, history, and other humanities fields find satisfaction in tapping into multiple interests—and see benefits for a career in medicine.

Erica Moser

Wrestling with academics

As a student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, second-year wrestler Adam Thomson, an international champion, balances athletics with his research on hyperinflation in Brazil.

Kristen de Groot

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The New York Times

Higher education needs more Socrates and Plato

In an opinion essay, PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel and Harun Küçük of the School of Arts & Sciences say that higher education must reassert its classical liberal arts ideals.


The Wall Street Journal

‘Slouch’ review: The panic over posture

In her new book, “Slouch: Posture Panic in Modern America,” Beth Linker of the School of Arts & Sciences traces society’s posture obsession to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.



Don’t be fooled by Trump’s failure to endorse a nationwide abortion ban

In an Op-Ed, Serena Mayeri of Penn Carey Law says that a second Trump administration would empower an anti-abortion movement determined to make abortion illegal everywhere.


The New Yorker

The truth behind the slouching epidemic

Beth Linker of the School of Arts & Sciences traces the history of a poor-posture epidemic in the U.S. which began at the onset of the 20th century.


Inside Higher Ed

The activist academy

In her book “Chasing the Intact Mind,” Amy S.F. Lutz of the School of Arts & Sciences argues that the current approach to disabilities studies marginalizes the most severely disabled.


Las Vegas Review-Journal

Our political parties have become unrecognizable

Brian Rosenwald of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the Republican lean to the right during the last few decades has distorted labels like moderate and conservative.