Marking a monumental death

In honor of the first anniversary of the killing of Mahsa (Jîna) Amini in Iran and the subsequent outpouring of protest, Penn will host a two-day conference on violence against women.

Kristen de Groot

Amy Paeth on the ‘poetry industrial complex’

In her new book, the lecturer in critical writing in the School of Arts & Sciences uses the history of the U.S. poet laureate as a window into how the arts, government, industry, and private donors interact and shape culture.

Susan Ahlborn

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“The Conversation”

Nazi Germany had admirers among American religious leaders—and white supremacy fueled their support

Melissa J. Wilde of the School of Arts & Sciences co-writes about what Americans thought about Hitler and the Nazi Party before the U.S. entered World War II and on what lessons those findings might hold for the U.S. today.


Voice of America

China enforces ban on Mongolian language in schools, books

Christopher Atwood of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Chinese authorities have yet to disclose why a collection of Mongolian history books was banned, even after such a long time in circulation.


Miami Herald

‘Spectacular’ statue of a fish-tailed ‘minion’ god found at ancient Roman burial site

According to research from the School of Arts & Sciences, ancient Romans believed that the god Triton lived in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea.


Associated Press

Pope heads to Mongolia to minister to its few Catholics and complete centuries-old East-West mission

Christopher Atwood of the School of Arts & Sciences says the world used to be ruled either by the pope or the Mongol Empire, but that both sides are much more tolerant now.


The Washington Post

In some schools, dread over the new year: ‘We’re scared to teach’

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education says that the ambiguity of bans on teaching topics creates more anxiety among educators.


The New York Times

This is public housing. Just don’t call it that

Bianca Serbin, a 2022 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, is noted for her honors thesis on the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit program in Montgomery County, Maryland.