Internal medicine

How to quell a cytokine storm

An international team finds new ways to dampen an overactive immune system, and can influence new drug targets for lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

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We’re only as good as our microbiomes are happy

Understanding the microbiome, the collection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the gut, is helping to sort out the intricacies of diet, chronobiology, cancer treatment, and more.

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A DIY colorectal cancer screening kit

At-home screening kits are found to be effective, with roughly a quarter of patients overdue for screenings mailing the completed kits back within two months.

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What’s overlooked can be fatal

New research shows that spontaneous coronary artery dissection is not only far more common than was previously thought, but that patients may benefit most from conservative treatment that allows the body to heal on its own.

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Immune profiling: A new opportunity for drug development

Immunologists, oncologists, and infectious disease specialists are thinking about the immune system in a new way based on its integral and ubiquitous ties to human health, amassing data on its role in gastroenterology, neurology, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease.

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In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

E-Cigarettes Disappoint in a Workplace Quit-Smoking Study

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Scott Halpern led a study on the effects of vaping on smoking cessation. Halpern found that e-cigarettes were no more helpful than other stop-smoking tools, and that “the very best way to help them quit is to offer them money.”


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New Blood Test for Pregnant Women Could Predict Preterm Birth

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Michal Elovitz discussed the results from her research exploring methods for predicting preterm births. The study’s results were published in Science.