Internal Medicine

Chasing the mysteries of microbiome communication in our bodies

Penn Medicine’s Maayan Levy and Christoph Thaiss, both assistant professors of microbiology, pursue an understanding of the the microbiome, the entirety of microbial organisms associated with the human body, and its relation to fundamental bodily systems.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Marc Satalof donated 35 gallons of blood in more than 50 years. At 76, the Montco retiree just rolled up his sleeve for the last time

A longtime Philadelphia schoolteacher has completed his final donation of blood at Penn’s Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, with remarks from Kristin G. Christensen and Donald Siegel of the Perelman School of Medicine.



Why is my dog sneezing a lot? What’s normal and when to worry

Paolo Silvestrini of the School of Veterinary Medicine says that the most frequent reasons for abrupt, sudden canine sneezing may involve a foreign body or allergic reactions to environmental allergens.


WHYY-Radio (Philadelphia)

1 in 4 inmate deaths happens in the same federal prison. Why?

David Vaughn of the Perelman School of Medicine says a delay in diagnosis of testicular cancer of more than six months is an independent predictor of a lower chance of survival.



Millions of people enter later life carrying an extra 10 to 15 pounds. Should they lose the weight?

Mitchell Lazar of the Perelman School of Medicine says distribution of fat plays a major role in determining how deleterious added weight is.


Medical News Today

Cardiovascular disease: New tool may help predict risk in people with chronic kidney disease

Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine have developed a new, more accurate risk model for cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease.



$50 million gift to University of Pennsylvania for autoimmune disease research

A $50 million gift from Wharton School alumni Judy and Stewart Colton will further develop the work of the Colton Center for Autoimmunity at the Perelman School of Medicine, with a statement from President Liz Magill.