How a year in space affects the brain

Penn Medicine’s Mathias Basner discusses the NASA Twins Study, which analyzed astronaut Scott Kelly’s physical and mental health after he spent 340 days in space, and found that Kelly’s performance on a cognitive test battery dropped when he returned to Earth for six months.

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Wonder within wonder

Penn Medicine’s uterus transplant trial offers hope for a rare form of infertility—and at the same time, has the potential to unlock a deeper understanding of the complex biology of human pregnancy.

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Perelman School of Medicine students find their match

On March 15, 146 medical students from the Perelman School of Medicine celebrated Match Day—the national, annual ceremony, during which students learn where they will spend the next chapter of their journeys toward becoming physicians and surgeons. 

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The placebo cure

Drug researchers use control groups to measure the efficacy of their drug tests. What happens when the control group responds? Science proves the placebo effect is indeed medicine itself.

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An implant to blunt opioid effects

A study by Penn Medicine researchers finds a slow-release naltrexone implant helps HIV patients with opioid dependence adhere to medications and prevent relapse.

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The mystery of the Havana Syndrome

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Douglas Smith offered commentary on the concussion-like symptoms experienced by American diplomats in Havana in the winter of 2017. While some have suggested that their symptoms were psychosomatic, Smith said that “there was not one individual on the team [at Penn] who was not convinced that this was a real thing.”


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Eating more fish or taking omega-3 fish oil supplements can cut heart attack risk, studies find

To lower one’s risk of heart disease, the Perelman School of Medicine’s Helene Glassberg recommended eating more fish over taking fish oil supplements. “Get it in your diet if you can, from omega-3 fatty fish like salmon or sardines,” said Glassberg. “This is the best way to get it and not spend $30 on a bottle of supplements at a health food store.”