Centuries of Penn Med student stories

Medicine has changed immensely throughout the school’s more than 250 years of history, and so has the process of becoming a doctor.

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‘In These Times: The Intricate Riddle of Life’

The first three episodes of the Omnia podcast’s fourth season discuss the link between making art and making meaning, and how creativity shines a light on the way out of adversity in tough times, past and present.

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Bystander CPR more likely in states requiring teen training

Victoria Vetter of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on how state laws mandating CPR training in high schools were associated with a higher likelihood of bystander CPR for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.


The New York Times

After stroke, doctors look at Fetterman’s campaign trail prospects

Rajat Deo of the Perelman School of Medicine agreed with the use of defibrillators in the care of Senate nominee John Fetterman and suspects he has a damaged heart.


Daily Mail (U.K.)

Jill Biden visits same Children’s Hospital in Costa Rica that John F. Kennedy visited in 1963 as first lady celebrates new cancer partnership

Jill Biden on Sunday followed in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy and visited the National Children’s Hospital of Costa Rica. She was celebrating a partnership between Costa Rica’s public health authority and the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which will help Costa Rican children access a lifesaving cancer treatment.



Global warming could mean less sleep for billions

Indira Gurubhagavatula of the Perelman School of Medicine praises a study that shows individuals could be subjected to at least two weeks of short sleep each year due to high temperatures driven by global warming.


NBC News

Disease experts offer early ideas about why Europe’s monkeypox outbreak has swelled

Stuart Isaacs of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on the mystery of an outbreak of monkeypox.


CBC News

Hot nights are disrupting our sleep—and climate change is making it worse, study finds

David Dinges of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted on the importance of getting quality sleep.