Making meaning from the loss of a child

Research by Diane Spatz of the School of Nursing and colleagues reveals how donating milk served as an important part of the grieving process for some parents who had lost a baby before or at birth.

Katherine Unger Baillie , Michele W. Berger

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FDA advisers support approval of RSV vaccine to protect infants

Paul Offit of the Perelman School of Medicine expressed concern that premature births could be a consequence of an RSV vaccine for newborns.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly’s med schools are in a unique position to reverse racial disparities in the profession

Dennis Dlugos of the Perelman School of Medicine says that social determinants of health are important, with most health disparities attributed to race actually due to environmental influences.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Child shootings doubled in Philly during the pandemic. Black children bore the brunt

Joel Fein of the Perelman School of Medicine says that COVID has coincided with an increase in gun purchases and more guns in the home, as well as more kids stuck at home and unable to go to school.


Physician’s Weekly

The quality and management of penicillin allergy labels in pediatric primary care

A study by Yun Li and Jeffrey S. Gerber of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues finds that penicillin allergy documentation is uninformative, with children infrequently referred to allergists.



FDA: Base blood donation policy on science, not stigma

In an Op-Ed, Scott Jelinek of the Leonard Davis Institute and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia urges the FDA to remove its restriction on blood donation by gay and bisexual men.


Masks to temporarily return in Philadelphia and Camden school districts

Terri Lipman of the School of Nursing says that masking remains one of the best ways to mitigate the high risk of COVID transmission in schools.