Penn Museum

Keepers of the cultural memory

In wartime, saving human lives is a top priority. But secondary considerations often include preserving the cultural heritage also under siege. Penn experts offer their thoughts as the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold.

Michele W. Berger

Studying the past through a modern-day lens

In a Q & A, archaeologist and PIK Professor Lynn Meskell discusses her background, the subjects that interest her—from espionage to World Heritage sites—and collaborations that have organically arisen at Penn despite the pandemic and a mostly remote first year.

Michele W. Berger

Art from Mexico

During visits to the Penn Museum this semester, nearly 200 students in intermediate Spanish classes had the chance to learn about yarn paintings by the Huichol people, an indigenous group in Northwest Mexico.

Louisa Shepard

Penn Libraries receives major gift of rare photographic plates by Edward S. Curtis

The University of Pennsylvania Libraries has received a rare collection of 151 interpositive glass plates by photographer Edward S. Curtis (1868–1952) from collector William H. Miller III. Appraised at $4.2 million, the gift to the Penn Libraries complements holdings across the University, making Penn a major center for research and work on Curtis, one of the most prolific American photographers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Monica Fonorow

In the News

Philadelphia Business Journal

Penn Museum taps Tia Jackson-Truitt as its first chief diversity officer

Tia Jackson-Truitt has been selected as the Museum’s first chief diversity officer. She earned her master’s degree in social work from Penn in 2003.


Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Weaving is like a prayer’: Barnes Foundation shows its Native art collection for the first time

The Penn Museum contributed objects to a new exhibit at the Barnes Foundation that combines older and contemporary Native artworks. Penn’s Lucy Fowler Williams said she and her fellow curator “sought out artists whose work is really substantively engaging with the community and with the historical traditions.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

From naked Greek athletes to Marian Anderson’s elegant velvet concert gown, new show at Penn Museum is dressed for all occasions

The Museum’s current exhibit, “The Stories We Wear,” was featured. “Our idea began with turning that on its head and showing why jewelry and clothing and footwear and anything you can think of that you can put on your body is actually important and meaningful,” said curator Lauren Ristvet.


Associated Press

New-York Historical Society selects new trustee chair

H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang, a consulting scholar to the Penn Museum, has been elected chair of the New-York Historical Society’s Board of Trustees.



5 historical garments that showcase the link between fashion and identity

“The Stories We Wear,” a new exhibit at the Penn Museum, was featured. “We often dismiss fashion as frivolous," said curator Lauren Ristvet. "But our appearances are important. The way we dress communicates who we are and what we do."


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn Museum’s first artist in residence encourages others to ‘transcend without fear’

The Museum’s first artist in residence, Carlos José Pérez Sámano, is partnering with local Latino community leaders to present free creative writing workshops.