The Big Bang at 75

Theoretical physicist Vijay Balasubramanian discusses the 75th anniversary of the alpha-beta-gamma paper, what we know—and don’t know—about the universe and the “very big gaps” left to discover.

Kristina García

Defining neural ‘representation’

Neuroscientists frequently say that neural activity ‘represents’ certain phenomena, PIK Professor Konrad Kording and postdoc Ben Baker led a study that took a philosophical approach to tease out what the term means.

Marilyn Perkins

Exploring what it means to be curious

In a new book “Curious Minds: The Power of Connection,” Penn’s Dani S. Bassett and twin sibling Perry Zurn weave together history, linguistics, network science, neuroscience, and philosophy to unpack the concept of curiosity.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Questioning what we know about dementia

Penn researchers are looking into moments of sudden, clear communication in someone with progressive neurodegenerative disease for a deeper understanding of both brain science and philosophy.

From Penn Memory Center

Protecting a singular ecosystem in the Galápagos

Michael Weisberg, the Bess W. Heyman President's Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, students, and Ecuador's Ambassador to the United States reflect on the momentous expansion of the Galápagos Marine Reserve.

Blake Cole

The philosophy of visual studies

Founded 20 years ago, the interdisciplinary major of visual studies creates a bridge for students to combine interests, including philosophy, art history, architecture, fine arts, and psychology.

Louisa Shepard

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Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

A dynamic thinker

A profile examines the career of Anita L. Allen of Penn Carey Law and the School of Arts & Sciences, who was recently named as one of two recipients of the Hastings Center’s 2022 Bioethics’ Founders Award.


WDET (Detroit)

New book discusses different types of curiosity and how to encourage it

Dani Bassett of the School of Engineering and Applied Science discusses their new book on curiosity and intellectual humility, “Curious Minds,” co-authored with twin Perry Zurn.


The Guardian

Are you a busybody, a hunter, or a dancer? A new book about curiosity reveals all

Dani S. Bassett of the School of Arts & Sciences speaks on their new book, “Curious Minds: The Power of Connection,” co-authored with identical twin Perry Zurn, which investigates the foundations of curiosity.


Philadelphia Inquirer

When should we mind our business right now? Here’s how to decide

Sukaina Hirji of the School of Arts & Sciences offered advice about when to intervene in a variety of scenarios. “Sometimes you have to speak up. Sometimes you have to stay in your lane. There is no easy answer,” she said.



‘Can we change social norms?’

Cristina Bicchieri of the School of Arts and Sciences joins a philosophical discussion about the possibility of changing social norms.


Christian Science Monitor

Grab your moral compass: ‘The Good Place’ takes philosophy mainstream

Errol Lord of the School of Arts and Sciences offered commentary on the Emmy-nominated series “The Good Place,” which regularly grapples with ethical issues. “I don’t think there has ever been a network sitcom that talks about philosophers in this way,” said Lord.