Life advice from Aristotle

A new book by Philosophy’s Susan Sauvé Meyer gives tips from the philosopher’s “Nicomachean Ethics” on how to live well in any age.

Susan Ahlborn

Seeing disability differently

Scholars are trying to understand—and change—how the world works for people with disabilities.

Susan Ahlborn

The Big Bang at 75

Theoretical physicist Vijay Balasubramanian discusses the 75th anniversary of the alpha-beta-gamma paper, what we know—and don’t know—about the universe and the “very big gaps” left to discover.

Kristina García

In the News

Associated Press

Trump warns of ‘Pandora’s box’ of perpetual presidential prosecutions if charges against him stand

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law says that someone running for the presidency would normally reassure voters that they’re following the law, not that they’re immune to the criminal process.


There’s no way the Georgia prosecutions of Donald Trump and Mark Meadows belong in federal court

In an Op-Ed, Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law explains why the Hatch Act prevents Donald Trump and Mark Meadows from transferring their criminal cases in Georgia to federal court.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Will Georgia case against Trump end up in federal court?

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law doesn’t believe that Donald Trump can prevail in arguing that he was acting in his capacity as president while trying to win an election.


Al Jazeera

Georgia indictment to ‘solidify’ Trump’s support for now, analysts say

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law says that the large number of Trump confidants indicted alongside him in Georgia increases the likelihood that some may turn on the former president.


The Hill

GOP’s ‘dereliction of duty’ impeachment argument gets skeptical reviews

Claire Finkelstein of Penn Carey Law says that the “dereliction of duty” basis for impeaching a Biden administration official sounds quasi-official without requiring the GOP to say anything true or correct.


The New York Times

The terror of threes in the heavens and on earth

Michael Weisberg of the School of Arts & Sciences says that our intuitions fail us when it comes to the three-body problem.