One undergrad researcher powers through the pandemic

The unusual circumstances brought on by COVID-19 forced Lana Prieur, a junior in the School of Arts & Sciences, to pivot her approach to research—and sparked new connections in the process.

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HIV and suicide risk

While HIV infection can be well-managed with proper care, suicidal thoughts and attempts remain a pressing concern. A recent study looks at what accounts for the elevated risk for suicide among people living with HIV.

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What is trypanophobia? How to cope with a fear of needles so you can get the COVID-19 vaccine

Thea Gallagher of the Perelman School of Medicine offered tips for overcoming fear of needles in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine, starting with just making the appointment. "More doing and less thinking is an important way to overcome your fear," she said.


The Washington Post

You’ve seen many images from the Capitol riot. Here’s why it’s okay to take a break

Thea Gallagher of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the effects of exposure to violent media imagery. “You don’t have to be there,” she said. “You can still be traumatized by watching things, hearing about them.”



Finding joy this holiday season

Karen Reivich and James Pawelski of the School of Arts & Sciences offered tips for staying happy and resilient over the holidays, in spite of the pandemic.


Scientific American

Ethics lesson may hold outside the classroom

Nina Strohminger of the Wharton School commented on a study that explored how classroom discussions about ethics and meat consumption affected student meal-purchasing behaviors. “It's an awesome data set,” said Strohminger.


The Wall Street Journal

Hate waiting in line? New research may help things move faster

Hummy Song of the Wharton School spoke about the merits of a dedicated-queue system in managing line lengths. “We usually think about queues from the customer’s point of view, but there is another human on the other end of that line,” she said. “Encouraging customer ownership by dedicating assignments to each server when planning queue configurations might shorten the wait and service time.”


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How to show compassion for Trump—even if you don’t like him

Charles “Chaz” L. Howard, vice president for social equity and community, and Michael Baime of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about finding empathy for President Trump. “The whole country is feeling more hatred and less kindness. This is a moment where we need to take stock, pause and think about what matters for ourselves and our whole country,” said Baime.