Racial Justice

Privacy and racial justice in law

In the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, Melany Amarikwa explores the harms perpetuated by TikTok’s unique use of recommendation algorithms.

From Penn Carey Law

A historian’s take on Juneteenth

In a Q&A, fifth-year Ph.D. candidate VanJessica Gladney talks about what the day means and what broader conversation she hopes it will foster.

Michele W. Berger

Putting biomedical research advances within reach

Treatments and vaccines are only useful in the hands of the people who need them, and Penn Medicine is working toward better access and equity for biomedical innovations.

Karen L. Brooks for Penn Medicine Magazine

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

A law meant to bust blight puts Black and Asian American property owners at risk, report warns

A new analysis by the Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic at Penn Carey Law concludes that Philadelphia property conservatorships have come at the expense of vulnerable property owners, particularly Black and Asian American owners. Cara McClellan says that such petitions are filed in communities already at risk for gentrification.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennridge School District has created hostile environment for Black and LGBTQ students, federal complaint says

A federal complaint filed by Penn Carey Law’s Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic asserts that the Pennridge School District has failed to protect children of color and LGBTQ students, with remarks from Cara McClellan.


Philadelphia Inquirer

America’s blueprint for urban inequity was drawn in Philly. It failed Black Philadelphians

Matthew Jordan-Miller Kenyatta of the Weitzman School of Design sees an opportunity for Philadelphia to reset with an antiracist foundation, using Sankofa urban planning to incorporate Black history as a guide toward the future.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Affirmative action’s future waits as SCOTUS hears arguments

Cara McClellan of Penn Carey Law calls the claims that race-conscious admissions are unconstitutional a direct attack on more than 40 years of legal precedent.


Associated Press

‘We’re triaging’: Cops combat violent crime as ranks dwindle

Ben Struhl of the School of Arts & Sciences says that violent crime is rising for reasons separate from social justice protests.



A councilman in Reading wants the city to implement reparations for slavery

Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts & Sciences notes that nearly a dozen mayors in cities across the country have pledged to pilot reparations programs in their cities.