A greener approach to end the academic year

Efforts have expanded this year to ensure student Move-Out for the summer break is more clean, green, and convenient than ever before. On campus, PennMOVES—operated by Business Services—is in full effect, partnering with Goodwill to collect materials students can’t take with them when they leave campus.

Lauren Hertzler

How Penn Medicine is going green for good health

The University of Pennsylvania Health System prioritizes sustainability in its day-to-day practices, while envisioning novel approaches to greening efforts.

Christina Hernandez Sherwood for Penn Medicine Magazine

Penn adds more perks to reducing commuter costs

Penn’s Divisions of Business Services and Human Resources have increased the discount provided to public transit commuters in order to provide more affordable commuting options and to encourage sustainable transit to and from campus.

Penn Today Staff

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Tampa Bay Times

Could Florida electric bills go up because of a fuel made from manure?

Danny Cullenward of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the Weitzman School of Design says that federal and California state subsidies have led to a gold rush of companies trying to get into the business of renewable natural gas around the country.


The New York Times

Why don’t we just ban fossil fuels?

Joseph Romm of the School of Arts & Sciences says that stronger action against fossil fuels is essential to save the planet.


PBS NewsHour

UN reports worrying rates of warming as COP28 tries to tackle climate crisis

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences warns that the steady warming rate of the planet’s surface and oceans is fueling increasingly dangerous extreme weather events and coastal flooding.


An oil executive is leading the UN climate summit. It’s going as well as you’d expect

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Ahmed al-Jaber’s comments about fossil fuels betray an ignorance of climate science and a dismissiveness about the need for rapid decarbonization.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Princeton and Penn scientists win Philly award for their climate change work

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences has won the 2023 John Scott Award for his work to address climate change.


Yahoo! News

Should you stop flying to fight climate change?

Michael Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that decisions by individual climate scientists of whether or not to fly won’t change the system of air travel.