‘The climate girl’ at Penn

In a Q&A with Xiye Bastida, the second year describes how she’s bringing climate activism to her college experience, how her Indigenous background influences her path, and why storytelling and protecting Earth go hand in hand.

Michele W. Berger

2020 Green Purchasing Awards announced

Weitzman’s Megan Ryerson and Engineering’s Cheryl Hickey are awarded for their contributions to sustainable purchasing in travel consumption and kitchen waste streams.

Barbara Lea-Kruger

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Scientific American

A better way to cool ourselves

Dorit Aviv of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design and international collaborators wrote an opinion piece about their work developing a healthier and more sustainable alternative to air conditioning.


The New York Times

Biden’s push for electric cars: $174 billion, 10 years and a bit of luck

John Paul MacDuffie of the Wharton School spoke about the push to develop a robust charging network for electric vehicles in the U.S. “It is, famously, one of the ways that China has become the No. 1 country in E.V.s on most dimensions,” he said.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Wolf administration to buy half of state government’s electricity from solar

Mark Hughes of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy said Pennsylvania’s solar fields will provide jobs and tax revenue and move the state toward clean energy. “You want to make it hip, you want to make it cheap—but eventually you’re going to have to make it mandatory,” he said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Universities are schooling future architects to consider community and history as they design

The Stuart Weitzman School of Design was mentioned for its historically grounded, intersectional, and interdisciplinary approach to teaching design and architecture. “You need to know history to be avant-garde,” said Winka Dubbeldam.



Why Joe Biden should trade his buildings plan for a Green New Deal

Billy Fleming of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design spoke about Joseph Biden’s plans to weatherize American homes. “I can’t help but oscillate between despair and frustration with the lack of imagination and ambition in this plan,” said Fleming. “Sure, take care of the low-hanging fruit that Presidents Clinton and Obama left for you on climate. Then, for all our sakes, think about extending your grasp an inch or two higher.”


Los Angeles Times

Hydrogen fuel could revolutionize airlines. Here’s how that could look

Megan Ryerson of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design advocated for the use of alternative fuels, like hydrogen, in the airline industry. “Without [alternatives], we either have to stop flying or make drastic cuts in other sectors,” she said.