This season’s flu and COVID-19 vaccines

Judith A. O’Donnell of the Perelman School of Medicine answers common questions about this year’s flu shot and the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Liana F. Wait

Who, What, Why: Amy Wu and the Brain Exercise Initiative

The fourth-year is the founder and president of Penn’s chapter of the Brain Exercise Initiative, a service club that connects student volunteers with senior citizens to help combat social isolation and cognitive decline.

Liana F. Wait

From seed sowing to harvest

Five undergraduates spent their summer interning at Penn Farm, where they practiced regenerative agricultural techniques and learned about environmental and food justice.

Liana F. Wait

Does more money correlate with greater happiness?

Reconciling previously contradictory results, researchers from Penn and Princeton find a steady association between larger incomes and greater happiness for most people but a rise and plateau for an unhappy minority.

Michele W. Berger

Taking play seriously at the Penn Libraries

The Penn Libraries’ Education Commons and Vitale Digital Media Lab facilitate and support play through planned activities and in response to student requests, with an ultimate goal to benefit student wellness.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

My brother’s recovery from a car crash became a lesson in how to talk to doctors and nurses

Emily Largent of the Perelman School of Medicine writes that communication is part of healing, as she experienced when her brother was in a car accident and unable to notify family himself.



Millennial HR professionals are entering the C-suite, and their priorities reflect their lived experiences: ‘We spend a lot of time getting to know folks deeply’

Matthew Bidwell of the Wharton School points to an uptick in student interest in employee wellness strategies.


US News

Stressed? Depressed? Mindfulness training could offer long-term relief

Yvette Sheline of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted on how many cultures have used different variations of mindfulness, and that classes are generally affordable and accessible in most cities.


The Washington Post

The less college students sleep, the worse their grades, study finds

Two hundred Penn students and staff participating in a seven-week online course to build better sleep habits have reported an overall decrease in symptoms of insomnia, according to Rebecca Huxta of Wellness at Penn.


Inside Higher Ed

New on the job: Penn director of well-being initiatives creates tools for success

As Wellness at Penn’s inaugural director of well-being initiatives, doctoral candidate Jackie Recktenwald of the Graduate School of Education is looking to improve student health and wellness across campus.


The New York Times

The foods that keep you hydrated

Dan Negoianu of the Perelman School of Medicine says there’s really no data behind the eight-glasses-of-water-a-day advice.