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New changes for Open Enrollment for 2020-21

There are new changes for the Open Enrollment 2020-21 plan year. Sue Sproat, executive director of benefits in the Division of Human Resources, outlines the changes to benefits for eligible Penn employees.

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Business Insider

4 big questions you may have about college admissions during the pandemic, answered by an Ivy League dean and a former NYT education writer

Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and Jacques Steinberg, co-authors of “The College Conversation,” shared an excerpt from their guide to navigating college admissions and freshman year amid the pandemic.


Philadelphia Inquirer

How to conduct an engaging lab experiment in the time of COVID: Brew beer

Biology instructors at Penn assembled and mailed hundreds of lab kits to students to aid virtual learning. “It’s important to get students off of their computers and using some of the tools and techniques that are used by scientists,” said Linda Robinson of the School of Arts & Sciences.


The Wall Street Journal

U.S. medical school applications soar in COVID-19 era

Admissions Dean Neha Vapiwala of the Perelman School of Medicine said some medical schools are waving prerequisites to accommodate students who may have been unable to participate in extracurricular activities earlier this year.


The Washington Post

College applicants will make the pandemic a focus of their admissions essays. Should they?

Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and Jacques Steinberg, authors of “The College Conversation,” wrote about how students should address the pandemic and other current events when writing college-application essays.


The Wall Street Journal

College admissions in a COVID year: SATs are out, personal stories are in

Dean of Admissions Eric Furda offered advice about writing college admissions essays amid the pandemic. “Students should explain as well as they can the context of their lives during COVID,” he said. “That means hunting deep for insight about how COVID affected them, how they were able to derive meaning from it, how it will impact them moving forward.”