School of Arts & Sciences

Marketing music at a Philadelphia nonprofit

Although an accomplished concert pianist, rising sophomore Teresa Xie of Chicago is not playing the ivories at the Settlement Music School during her RealArts@Penn summer internship. Instead, she is using her photography skills while learning about marketing music for the Philadelphia nonprofit.

Louisa Shepard

In the News


‘Can we change social norms?’

Cristina Bicchieri of the School of Arts and Sciences joins a philosophical discussion about the possibility of changing social norms.


WBUR Radio (Boston)

Employers want to do more with less. Where does that leave expertise?

Angela Duckworth of the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about grit and other non-IQ competencies achieved through hard work over sustained periods of time.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Marjorie Margolies: ‘Diplomacy is really important and Trump sucks at it’

Marjorie Margolies of the School of Arts and Sciences wrote an opinion piece on U.S. diplomacy in North Korea. “If we can take this historic moment and translate it diplomatically into serious denuclearization of the situation, as well as the propaganda, then we all win.”



In defense of mayonnaise

Paul Rozin of the School of Arts and Sciences spoke about why many people hate mayonnaise for its slimy texture, which some believe resembles bodily fluids. “Anything that reminds us that we are animals elicits disgust,” said Rozin.


San Francisco Chronicle

School board faces mural dilemma: Free speech or racial justice

Mary Frances Berry of the School of Arts and Sciences weighed in on a debate over a Depression-era mural in a California public school. “I would use subjects like the mural to teach the students about slavery and the abuse of Native Americans and the white supremacist actions of Washington and other founding fathers,” she said.