School of Arts & Sciences

Predilections of a destructive pest

The spotted lanternfly is emerging as a serious threat to agriculture and forested areas. At The Woodlands Cemetery near campus, Benjamin Rohr hopes to determine the types of trees the insect prefers to shape control strategies moving forward.

Katherine Unger Baillie


A new memoir by Lorene Cary, “Ladysitting: My Year with Nana at the End of Her Century,” describes the year she spent caring for her grandmother in her home.

Louisa Shepard

Senior pictures

Graduating senior and photographer Isabel Zapata captured 57 of her classmates in places of significance to create Torch Magazine. The publication features their reflections as well as her portraits.

Louisa Shepard

In the News

The New York Times

Israeli scientists brew beer with revived ancient yeasts

Patrick McGovern of the School of Arts and Sciences was cited for his work studying and recreating ancient beverages.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite Trump’s racial rhetoric, white prejudice has gone down, Penn study finds

A study by Daniel Hopkins of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and recent graduate Samantha Washington found that “expressed prejudice” declined in response to racist political rhetoric, particularly among Democrats.


WBUR Boston

What Puerto Rico’s monkeys post-Maria teach us about survival

PIK Professor Michael Platt joined a conversation about surviving trauma and Puerto Rico’s “monkey island.”


“All Things Considered,” National Public Radio

In 'Ladysitting,' Lorene Cary chronicles the end of her grandmother's life

Lorene Cary of the School of Arts and Sciences was interviewed about her new memoir, which documents the year she spent caring for her grandmother.


The Wall Street Journal

Even Harvard is now teaching personal finance

Wharton alumnus and New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland was mentioned for his Urban Financial Literacy class, taught alongside Brian Peterson of the School of Arts and Sciences.