Penn celebrates a decade of Be in the Know

The University recently launched the 10th year of the campaign, which focuses on wellness for staff and faculty.

person sitting in front of laptop on the floor meditating

Be in the Know is Penn’s annual wellness campaign that runs from July 1 through June 30, 2022. The University recently launched the 10th year of the campaign.

“We are thrilled to commemorate a decade of staff and faculty well-being with Be in the Know,” says Chris Hyson, senior health and wellness specialist in the Division of Human Resources. “This year’s campaign offers a new design, more health-enhancing activities, and greater flexibility in earning rewards that are meaningful to you.”

The Be in the Know campaign’s continued positive impact on participants’ health and contribution to Penn’s culture of wellness is reason to celebrate, she says. “Beyond an exciting campaign, we will also be offering special 10th anniversary events throughout the year.”  

Each year is a fresh opportunity to engage in health and well-being for eligible staff and faculty, while earning a variety of rewards.
Eligible employees can earn up to $300 in rewards by completing qualifying healthy activities at home, at work, and online, in partnership with Virgin Pulse’s wellness platform.

Be in the Know participant Emily Medina says the wellness program has done more for her health this year than she could have ever imagined.
“Being in my late 20s, I really hadn’t been thinking about what I should be doing now to preserve my long-term health,” says Medina, systems data analyst coordinator at the Wharton School MBA Admissions & Financial Aid office. “Be in the Know made it easy and fun to change that.”

“The initial health assessment helped me identify areas to work on, and the list of Bonus Actions outlined specific steps I could take,” Medina adds. “Over the last year, I completed preventative screenings that I had been neglecting for too long and, with the help of Corporate Wellness Nutrition, I made significant improvements to my diet. While I loved earning the reward points, the lasting impact for my health is the far greater benefit.”  

Evolving from a one-step biometric screening in 2012 to a thriving year-round wellness campaign, Be in the Know offers various programs to help support the health and well-being of Penn’s employees. Over the past 10 years, Be in the Know has led to 44,564 biometric screening and 38,021 health assessment completions. In the past year, staff and faculty tracked more than 2.1 billion steps and completed upwards of 6,000 emotional well-being video sessions, powered by Whil.

This year features many changes, including Virgin Pulse’s new “Steps for Success” campaign design, more than 90 “ways to earn,” and new options to obtain biometric screening results. With the new design, Be in the Know is changing how points and rewards are earned, with four reward levels available, up to the $300 maximum (less applicable payroll taxes).

To get started and review important details about the Steps for Success campaign design and ways to earn list, visit the Be in the Know website.

“The new campaign design continues Be in the Know’s tradition of supporting your health and well-being, plus meets staff and faculty where they are in their personal wellness journey,” says Jack Heuer, vice president in the Division of Human Resources.

A biometric screening remains a priority and awarded activity, however it is not a required activity to receive any rewards for this year. Completing a biometric screening will still be required to become a Be in the Know VIP. Eligible employees this year have several options for obtaining biometric screening results, including new options through Virgin Pulse.

The newest biometric screening options are the LabCorp Voucher Program and Home Test Kits. You can also get screened by your health care provider or by going to an on-campus screening that Human Resources will schedule when space is available.

Celestine Silverman, business administrator in the Office of the Comptroller, and a multiyear VIP, has been a Be in the Know participant since the start of the program. She takes her biometric screenings very seriously.

“I have all of my biometric cards rubber banded together in my purse so I can pull them out each year and compare,” Silverman says. “I actually created a spreadsheet to keep the information organized. This was my focus in the beginning years—improving my numbers or keeping them in the healthy zone each year. Once I started applying all of the activities and learning modules, I couldn’t stop.”

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