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Los Angeles Times

‘I got this wrong.’ CEO apologies abound amid mass layoffs and losses. Are they sincere?

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says that it’s a good idea for employers to compare their downsizing practices to the current labor market to avoid damaging their brand.


The New York Times

What is a ‘go-forward’ employee?

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says that language surrounding layoffs is mutable in the current economy, with many companies unsure whether they’re firing or hiring.



What transformational leaders too often overlook

Tom Murphy, senior vice president of IT and chief information officer, says that infrastructure and operational support are difficult, underappreciated, and poorly understood.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Hundreds of Philly police officers work administrative jobs that could be done by civilians, a study found

A study by the Fels Institute of Government in the School of Arts & Sciences contends that “civilianizing” nearly 900 positions on the Philadelphia Police force could result in a more diverse, efficient, and productive department.


Smithsonian Magazine

What’s new, and what’s not, in the reported birth of the CRISPR babies

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Kiran Musunuru said that the birth of gene-edited babies does not constitute a scientific advancement because “there was nothing preventing previous researchers who edited human embryos from doing the same, except their own ethics and morals.”