Scott Spitzer

Manager, Web Design and Photographic Content

Out of the classroom and into the newsroom

Student fellows in the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies put their data-analysis skills and political know-how to use in creating user-friendly visualizations and enhancing traditional reporting practices.

Kristen de Groot

1vyG Summit comes to Penn

The annual event will return to campus, featuring panel discussions, keynote speakers, award ceremonies, and networking events, all focused on improving the first-generation, low-income student experience.

Lauren Hertzler

The future of conservatism

A one-of-a-kind political science course taught by Deirdre Martinez of the School of Arts & Sciences and Evan McMullin, a Penn alum who was running for the Senate during the class, took students through the past and present conservative movement.

Kristen de Groot

Turning carbon emissions into rocks

In Penn’s Clean Energy Conversions Lab, researcher Peter Psarras and colleagues are repurposing waste from industrial mines, storing carbon pulled from the atmosphere into newly formed rock.

Michele W. Berger

Faith in public life 

In a conversation sponsored by the School of Social Policy & Practice, Ben Jealous discussed religion’s potential to transform society with Charles ‘Chaz’ Howard and David Saperstein.

Kristina García