The allure of fad diets, and why they fail

In a new book, Penn nutritional anthropologist Janet Chrzan and Kima Cargill of the University of Washington, Tacoma, explain the cultural, social, and psychological fixation on fad diets and why they don’t typically succeed.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Why we keep falling for fad diets that don’t work

In a Q&A, Janet Chrzan of the School of Nursing and the School of Arts & Sciences discusses the cultural and anthropological research behind her recently co-authored book, “Anxious Eaters: Why We Fall for Fad Diets.”


CBS Philadelphia

Penn Museum helps make historic find in Northern Iraq

A team led by Michael Danti of the Penn Museum and the School of Arts & Sciences has uncovered an Assyrian palace in the ancient city of Nimrud in Northern Iraq.


CBC Radio (Canada)

The push to list the Great Barrier Reef as endangered

On an episode of “The Current with Matt Galloway,” PIK Professor Lynn Meskell discusses whether the Great Barrier Reef could be added to UNESCO’s endangered list.


Art Newspaper

First major dig in ancient Iraqi city since Isis destruction unearths ‘significant’ palace door sill

Michael Danti of the Penn Museum and the School of Arts & Sciences and colleagues have uncovered an impressive 2-meter-high door threshold in the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud.



Prehistoric carvings depict showdowns between humans and beasts

PIK Professor Lynn Meskell says that newly discovered prehistoric artwork needs to be considered alongside archaeological evidence like food remains, human skeletons, and other artifacts.


PBS NewsHour

Museum works to repatriate artifacts looted from West Africa

The redesigned Africa Galleries at the Penn Museum seeks to return artifacts and transform narratives of colonization, with remarks from Tukufu Zuberi of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Museum and Christopher Woods, director of the Museum.