Three Goldwater Scholars for Penn

Penn’s newest Goldwater Scholars, awarded to sophomores or juniors planning research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering are sophomore Emma Keeler, junior Michele Meline and junior Max Wragan.

Louisa Shepard

On-campus chemistry

After waiting almost two years to join a chemistry lab, Calais Cronin is one of the few students allowed on campus this fall to do research.


Two Penn faculty named 2020 AAAS Fellows

Qi Long and E. Michael Ostap of the Perelman School of Medicine are among a cohort of 489 distinguished scientists recognized with the honor from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Melissa Moody , Michele W. Berger

A role model for the changing face of science

Jennifer Stimpson, a chemist, teacher, and recent alumna of the Graduate School of Education’s mid-career program, was named an IF/THEN ambassador. The initiative aims to empower women in STEM to inspire the next generation of learners.

Michele W. Berger

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The New York Times

U.S. companies vie for funds in race to build rare earths industry

Eric J. Schelter of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about rare earth metal mining and the process of separating the metals from ores. “In some sense, the first steps [of rare earth production] are relatively easy and well-understood, but the real challenge to make money is to do the separation,” he said.



Rare earth minerals could be sourced through outdated smartphones, batteries, wind turbines

Eric Schelter and colleagues from the School of Arts and Sciences developed a method to extract rare earth minerals used in high-tech gadgets using common lab equipment.


Chemistry World

American Civil War Era Tea Yields Modern Day Medicine

Madeleine Jouillé of the School of Arts and Sciences led a team in developing a way to synthesize ceanothine D, a complex cyclopeptide alkaloid found in red root, also known as the New Jersey tea plant, a “staple of American folk medicine.”