Public media can improve our ‘flawed’ democracy

A new study finds that countries with well-funded public media have healthier democracies, and explains why investment in U.S. public media is an investment in the future of journalism and democracy alike.

Alina Ladyzhensky

2020 voting report: By the numbers

Penn students voted in unprecedented numbers during the 2020 presidential election, in part due to the voter-engagement program Penn Leads the Vote, which recently won the 2021 ALL IN Democracy Challenge Best Action Plan Award.

Kristina García

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The Hill

Tyrants get bad information—so do non-tyrants

PIK Professor Jonathan D. Moreno and Stephen N. Xenakis, a member of the executive board of The Center for Ethics & the Rule of Law, pen an op-ed arguing that there is no validity to those who claim the superiority of democratic institutions in collecting and using military intelligence. “In any setting, sound decision-making requires that leaders rely on the best possible inputs for information, situational awareness, and military intelligence,” they write.