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Smart dental implants

Geelsu Hwang of the School of Dental Medicine and colleagues are developing a smart dental implant that resists bacterial growth and generates its own electricity through chewing and brushing to power a tissue-rejuvenating light.

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LA Times

Adding dental coverage to Medicare makes a lot of sense—except to dentists

Allison Hoffman of the Carey Law School is quoted on how the current dental insurance system is unsustainable.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn finds a surprising benefit to wisdom tooth surgery: better taste

Research by Richard Doty of the Perelman School of Medicine and Dane Kim, a student in the School of Dental Medicine, found that people who have had wisdom teeth removed had a slightly stronger sense of taste over time. Earlier studies have focused on the temporary loss of taste associated with the procedure.


A dental student on TikTok says she knows if someone is pregnant by looking in their mouth—is this possible?

Mark Wolff, dean of the School of Dental Medicine, said it’s “an overstatement” to say doctors can tell if someone is pregnant by examining their gums, as purported in a viral TikTok video. However, he said, even those “that take really good care of their mouth” can develop sudden gingivitis during pregnancy.



The weirdest sign of COVID-19 fatigue? More Americans are grinding their teeth

Thomas Sollecito of the School of Dental Medicine spoke about the increase in patients experiencing pain from grinding or clenching their teeth. He recommended meditation and physical exercise to reduce stress but encouraged patients with persistent pain and tension to call their dentists.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Stress from COVID-19 has led to a surge in teeth grinding, dentists say

Thomas Sollecito of the School of Dental Medicine commented on teeth grinding during the pandemic. “The stress and distress of the world’s events will affect things like sleep and someone’s clenching and grinding,” he said. “If we’re constantly under that duress, the frequency and intensity of clenching and grinding is just going to continue.”


Self Magazine

The 11 best at-home teeth-whitening kits, according to dentists

Dean Mark S. Wolff of the School of Dental Medicine offered advice to those looking to whiten their teeth using at-home kits.