Listen on repeat: Exploring medieval refrain songs

Music professor Mary Channen Caldwell brings together over 400 devotional Latin refrain songs from the Middle Ages in her new book, the first to explore the medieval refrain in song outside of vernacular contexts.


The future of decline in America

In his new book “The Future of Decline: Anglo-American Culture at its Limits,” English Professor Jed Esty offers alternatives to America’s “language of greatness,” taking lessons from the experience of Britain during the past century.

Louisa Shepard

On book bans and free speech

Sigal Ben-Porath of the Graduate School of Education says book bans and challenges affect free speech and expression, especially for young people, and that institutions of higher education are important for developing tools based on evidence for assessment.

Louisa Shepard

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The Wall Street Journal

Wharton professor promoted love in the workplace

Dean Erika H. James and Adam Grant spoke about the legacy of Wharton School colleague Sigal Barsade, who died earlier this month. “She lived the values of the work that she was espousing,” said James.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Widener University’s president will leave the school to join Penn’s faculty next year

Widener University President Julie Wollman will be joining Penn’s Graduate School of Education as a professor next year. Dean Pam Grossman said Wollman offers the School “tremendous experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.”


WHYY (Philadelphia)

‘Traveling Black:’ the fight for freedom on roads, rail, and in the air

Mia Bay of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke about her new book, “Traveling Black: A Story of Race and Resistance.”


The New York Times

‘Traveling Black,’ a look at the civil rights movement in motion

“Traveling Black,” a book by Mia Bay of the School of Arts & Sciences, was featured. The work is a history of mobility and resistance in the U.S.



The five best fintech books to get you started

“The Unbanking of America” by Lisa Servon of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design was recommended for readers trying to understand why fintech matters.


The New York Times

The composer Tyshawn Sorey enters a new phase

Tyshawn Sorey of the School of Arts & Sciences was profiled for his accomplishments as a musician, composer, and academic.