Josephine Park on authoring identity

The School of Arts & Sciences President’s Distinguished Professor of English discusses the way literature has influenced the experience of being Asian American in the United States.

Blake Cole

Fruitful insights on the brain

Research led by China Byrns of the lab of Nancy M. Bonini in the School of Arts & Sciences have uncovered new details about the role of zombie-like cells in brain aging, using the fruit fly as a model.

Nathi Magubane

Penn Engineering’s Ottman Tertuliano receives a 2024 CAREER Award

Tertuliano’s research on bone fractures at the nanoscale allows for research on two separate time scales: the forming of cracks in a fracture at 1 micrometer/second, and the cellular response and repair time scale, a much lengthier process.

From Penn Engineering Today

Measuring readers of romance

Researchers at Penn's Price Lab for Digital Humanities conducted a quantitative analysis of the romance genre, studying thousands of avid readers and the hundreds of thousands of books in their collections in Goodreads

Louisa Shepard

In the News

The Wall Street Journal

‘Everyday Utopia’ review: The road to nowhere

“Everyday Utopia” by Kristen Ghodsee of the School of Arts & Sciences is reviewed.


Philadelphia Business Journal

CFO of the Year Awards 2023: Julia Puchtler, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

In her four years as chief financial officer for Penn Medicine’s Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Julia Puchtler has collaborated on several big capital projects, including the expansive Pavilion.



Guggenheim Fellows for 2023 announced; These universities had the most winners

Penn claimed four Guggenheim Fellows, who have demonstrated “exceptional capacity” in their scholarly or artistic careers.


Inside Higher Ed

Why we need better data on faculty diversity

In an Op-Ed, Laura W. Perna of the Graduate School of Education writes that institutions of higher learning need better data on faculty backgrounds, their experiences and working conditions, and inequities in measures of success.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn awards largest one-time pay increase to doctoral students, while Temple remains in negotiations

Penn has awarded a nearly-25% increase in its minimum pay for doctoral students, the largest one-time boost in its history, with a statement from Interim Provost Beth A. Winkelstein.


The Wall Street Journal

Wharton professor promoted love in the workplace

Dean Erika H. James and Adam Grant spoke about the legacy of Wharton School colleague Sigal Barsade, who died earlier this month. “She lived the values of the work that she was espousing,” said James.