Mary Frances Berry, a ‘woman of the century’

In a profile, the Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought and Professor of History discusses her history as an adviser on education and civil rights, and today’s protest movements.

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‘India front and center’

Tariq Thachil talks with Penn Today about his current work on migration and urbanization in south Asia, the balance between research and teaching, and his new role as the director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI). 

Kristina García

The Quattrone Center: Less argument, more truth-seeking

The Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice is pioneering a systemic, data-driven approach to criminal justice reform. Its executive director, John Hollway, started with the idea that the law should function more like science.

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Penn football coach Ray Priore talks about no fall season, hope for spring

Penn football coach Ray Priore was game planning up until this past Monday, hoping his team might play this fall. Then the announcement came Wednesday: no sports in the Ivy League this fall semester. Now Priore is balancing his optimism with an understanding of the obstacles the pandemic brings to his sport.


The New York Times

How could human nature have become this politicized?

Research about political polarization in the U.S. by Yphtach Lelkes of the Annenberg School for Communication, Matthew Levendusky of the School of Arts & Sciences, and colleagues at Stanford University was cited.


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Fixing the health care system: lessons from the pandemic

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel spoke about his work at Penn and in politics as well as the path to universal health care.


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Doctor with rare disease and no answers decides to find his own cure

David Fajgenbaum of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about his experience pursuing a treatment for his own rare disease. “The problem isn't that every doctor doesn't know everything about every disease,” he said. “The problem is that for some diseases, no doctors know anything about those diseases”


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Penn athletic director Grace Calhoun is busier than ever, as chair of NCAA Division I council

In addition to being athletic director, overseeing 33 varsity sports, Calhoun is chair of the NCAA Division I council, part of the NCAA board of directors, and the NCAA board of governors. But that’s not all—Calhoun is also chair of the Ivy League’s committee on administration, essentially the working committee of Ivy athletic directors.


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Wharton’s Erika James, first female dean: ‘Gender is the least of what I have to offer’

Incoming Wharton dean Erika James spoke about her new appointment. “In the first few months, I will spend time meeting and learning about my new colleagues,” she said, “and listening to students and alumni. My goal is to identify themes in what people say are their hopes and dreams for Wharton, and then get about the business of making them happen.”