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Prism Fellow and reality TV star Dillon Patel

Patel’s LGBTQ+ advocacy as a tech worker and former reality TV star has earned him the the distinction as Wharton’s second Prism Fellow, a scholarship to one MBA student who demonstrates leadership in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Congress is trying to figure out what to do about crypto’s colossal carbon footprint

Zane Griffin Talley Cooper, a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, said “proof of work” algorithms used to mine and trade cryptocurrencies need to be “intensely regulated.”



The biggest deep fake abuse site is growing in disturbing ways

Sophie Maddocks, a doctoral student in the Annenberg School for Communication, said society and law enforcement need to have a zero-tolerance policy for websites that sell fake nude photos of real people. “This harm is going to become part of the sex industry and is going to become profitable; it's going to become normalized,” she said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Telemedicine is here to stay, but how it will be covered by insurance is still being debated

Rolando Vega, a graduate student at the School of Nursing, wrote an opinion piece about the future of telemedicine. If signed by the governor, a Pennsylvania State Sensate Bill would mandate full insurance reimbursement for these services going forward. “This bill is essential and there is a sense of urgency as many patients, as well as health care providers are counting on its final approval,” Vega wrote.


Times Higher Education U.K.

Progress on gender equality ‘set back by lost generation’

Scott Kim, a Ph.D. student at the Wharton School, worked with NYU’s Petra Moser on a study that found the post-WWII baby boom created a dearth of women scientists. “By eliminating a generation of female role models, this loss affects science to this day,” they wrote.


The Washington Post

Facebook is like chairs. No, telephones. No, cars. No …

Zachary Loeb, a doctoral candidate in the School of Arts & Sciences, spoke about Facebook’s attempts to compare the platform to simpler, less threatening technologies. “There used to be this utopian aura where they had been trying to act as though they were the latest in the stream of these transformative [communication] technologies,” he said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

What won’t the infrastructure plan do? Repair our crumbling schools

Nell Williams, a Ph.D. student in the Graduate School of Education, wrote an op-ed in support of the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan, which allocates funds to repair school buildings. “As the infrastructure plan undergoes further negotiation in the House and Senate, I urge policymakers note the gaping hole that was left when most U.S. schools went virtual last year,” she said.