Graduate Students

Guidelines for moving college courses online

In response to the coronavirus, college instructors are shifting their in-person courses online. Zachary Herrmann and Penn GSE’s Center for Professional Learning have some experience making this work.

Penn Today Staff

Evan and the chocolate factory

Engineering student Evan Weinstein fixated on the idea of liberating bespoke chocolates from the confines of both the bar and the mold. Rather than cast a chocolate shape, why not build it? Cocoa Press is his solution. 

Tina Rodia

Decolonizing the syllabus

Faculty and graduate students in the History and Sociology of Science Department are reconsidering the way they teach, moving towards a more collaborative, innovative approach that incorporates a wide base of global sources.

Kristina García

In the News

Chronicle of Social Change

Does your agency reflect the diversity of the community it serves? Why not?

Raekwon Burton, a grad student in the School of Social Policy & Practice, wrote about the lack of diversity in the field of social work.


The Washington Post

Trump issued an executive order to prepare for an EMP attack. What is it, and should you worry?

School of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. students Christopher Blair, Casey Mahoney, Shira Pindyck, and Joshua Schwartz co-wrote about the president’s plans to issue an executive order meant to protect the country from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks. The authors say that such an attack is highly unlikely, due to the prospect of nuclear retaliation from the U.S. and assertions that the destructive capacity of EMPs has been overstated.


Baltimore Sun

Video: As He Graduates From Wharton, Former Ellicott City Resident Thinks of Mom and Reflects on Overcoming Tragedy

The Wharton School’s Kayvon Asemani overcame a life of challenges to become not just an MBA, but a beloved advocate, speaker, performer, and friend. Now that he’s graduated, Asemani will be joining the staff at Facebook’s California headquarters this June.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Mapping Wheelchair Access in Philly and the Suburbs

Ph.D. candidate Mark Bookman of the School of Arts and Sciences has created an online map to crowdsource accessibility information about Penn’s campus and beyond. The intersectional tool highlights wheelchair accessibility, Braille signage, gender-neutral bathrooms, prayer spaces, lactation rooms, and more.