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Taliban takeover

Political scientist Nicholas Sambanis, an expert on conflict processes with a focus on civil wars, shares his thoughts on the challenges of nation building and what’s next for Afghanistan.

Kristen de Groot

What you need to know about the protests in Cuba

Penn GSE’s Amalia Dache traveled to Cuba in 2018 and 2019 to research the Afro Cuban experience, and the opportunities that existed—or were closed off from—the island nation’s significant Black population.

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The Guardian

Cold war echoes as Aukus alliance focuses on China deterrence

Neysun Mahboubi of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on the United States’ actions to counter perceived Chinese ambition in the region and to contain China.


Philadelphia Inquirer

‘I have faith in what I cannot imagine, because I couldn’t have imagined what happened July 11’: Philadelphia Cubans on the hope, stress of island protests

Amalia Daché of the Graduate School of Education criticizes people who have blamed the U.S. embargo and not the Cuban government for the crisis in Cuba.


The Wall Street Journal

China sentences Canadian citizen to 11 years for espionage in case at heart of diplomatic standoff

Jacques deLisle of the Law School commented on the sentencing of Michael Spavor, a Canadian alleged to have compromised China’s national security. DeLisle said that his 11 year sentence is short, given the charges and China’s usual approach to these cases, and may thus signal the country’s interest in striking a deal with, or at least not provoking, the U.S. and Canada.


Fear of a Black Cuban planet

Amalia Dache of the Graduate School of Education was interviewed about Cuba’s recent uprisings and its long history of Black resistance. In the 1960s, the Communist government said it would eradicate racism. “It’s counterrevolutionary to talk about Black history in Cuba, to engage Black history,” she said.


The Washington Post

Joe Biden is sending an academic to Germany. Here’s why it might pay off

An op-ed by Elisabeth Piller, a German professor, considered the long-standing tradition of sending U.S. scholars and university presidents to Germany as ambassadors. Amy Gutmann’s “standing as an esteemed political philosopher and university president uniquely positions her to help achieve Biden’s goal of rebuilding alliances,” Piller wrote.


Inside Higher Ed

UPenn president nominated for German ambassadorship

Amy Gutmann has been nominated by President Biden to serve as U.S. ambassador to Germany.