International Relations

Democracy in Israel

Perry World House hosted a conversation to look at how the proposals from Israel’s new far-right government could weaken the country’s democracy.

Kristen de Groot

The war in Ukraine: One year on

A panel of experts took the stage at Perry World House to consider the prospects for peace and what constitutes a victory in an insightful discussion about the war and what the future holds for both Russia and Ukraine.

Kristen de Groot

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In the News

Bharat Express (India)

U.S. navy steps up efforts to curb seizure of Iranian ships in Strait of Hormuz

John Ghazvinian of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the reality of a serious armed conflict between the U.S. and Iran is almost unthinkable for either nation.


USA Today

Fact check: No, the World Economic Forum didn’t order governments to ration water

Scott Moore of Penn Global says that the World Economic Forum doesn’t have the ability to mandate that governments ration water or other resources, though it can be influential in shaping the views of policymakers.


The Guardian

China rows back after envoy denies sovereignty of former Soviet states

Neysun Mahboubi of the School of Arts & Sciences says that Chinese ambassador Lu Shaye’s comments about the sovereignty of former Soviet states represent a staggering level of incompetence.


Foreign Policy Research Institute

War as a neighbor: Moldova and challenges of facing Russian aggression in Ukraine

In an Op-Ed, Ecaterina Locoman of the School of Arts & Sciences discusses Moldova’s struggle to secure its place as a European democracy and its reliance on Western support to stay out of Russia’s sphere of influence.



China could crush Taiwan’s economy. Why Beijing won’t bring the hammer down

In an Op-Ed, Thomas Shattuck of Perry World House says that Chinese bans on goods critical to Taiwan’s economy, like electronic parts, would also do damage to China’s economy and businesses.


Foreign Policy

The U.S. can steal China’s climate leadership crown

In a co-written Op-Ed, Scott Moore of Penn Global says that the Biden administration should prioritize climate action to account for China’s growing isolation in international climate talks.