International Relations

India at 75, CASI at 30

The Center for the Advanced Study of India, the first institution in the U.S. dedicated to the study of contemporary India, is turning 30 this year, and celebrated with a symposium that also highlighted the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

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Al Jazeera

Russian hypocrisy and the death of a Zambian student in Ukraine

In an Op-Ed, Ph.D. student Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon of the School of Arts & Sciences examines the contrast between Russia’s narrative as a protector of African interests and its own mistreatment of Africans.



U.S.-China rivalry may shape 2023 for the world

Scott Moore of Penn Global says that a prolonged economic stagnation may be imminent in China, which would call into question some assumptions about China’s rise.


The Hill

Don’t assume China cannot change

In an Op-Ed, Amy E. Gadsden of Penn Global urges Western policymakers and analysts to rethink the assumption that China cannot change its slide toward greater authoritarianism.



A green investment treaty can help close the climate funding gap

In an Op-Ed, William Burke-White of Penn Carey Law proposes a new type of international treaty that would protect climate-friendly private foreign investments.


The Atlantic

Where U.S.-China competition leaves climate change

Scott Moore of Penn Global says that the U.S. should stop emphasizing bilateral cooperation and switch to multilateral approaches when it comes to China and the climate issue.


KYW Radio (Philadelphia)

Bus of migrants sent from Texas arrives in Philadelphia

Sarah Paoletti of Penn Carey Law says that the migrants on the Texas bus to Philadelphia have the right to seek asylum and outlines the screening process that admitted them.