Kelly Writers House

‘Ladysitting’ on stage 

The new play “Ladysitting” at the Arden Theatre Co. is by Penn English faculty and alumna Lorene Cary, based on her memoir about caring for her grandmother in the last of her 101 years.

Louisa Shepard

‘PoemTalk’ podcast at 200 episodes

The 200th episode of the pioneering poetry podcast “PoemTalk” was recorded at the Kelly Writers House last week, 16 years after the first. Founder Al Filreis (left) of the School of Arts & Sciences is the creator and host of the discussion-based monthly podcast that features a “close, but not too close” reading of a poem.

Louisa Shepard

What’s That? Banned books chair

The inaugural story in a new Penn Today series “What’s that?” features the banned books chair, decoupaged with words and pictures, one of the 50 beloved and mismatched chairs in the Kelly Writers House arts café.

Louisa Shepard

Who, What, Why: Jamie-Lee Josselyn

As associate director for recruitment for the Creative Writing Program, Jamie-Lee Josselyn visits high schools across the country to talk with student writers about opportunities at Penn.

Louisa Shepard

Beyond America’s racial fault line

Professor of practice Ben Jealous discussed race, politics, America’s long history of interracial collaboration, and his new book with Camille Z. Charles during a co-sponsored event at Kelly Writers House.

Kristina García

Building a better world, one side gig at a time

The 10th piece for this series showcases a nurse who founded a low-cost dance studio, a staffer who fosters kittens, an HR specialist who teaches high schoolers life skills, and an English professor who volunteers for his old summer camp.

Michele W. Berger, Katherine Unger Baillie

ModPo celebrates its first decade

Modern and Contemporary Poetry was founded by Al Filreis of the School of Arts & Sciences at Kelly Writers House in 2012, and now has 69,000 people enrolled globally. Poets and participants came to campus to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Louisa Shepard

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Why are 30,000 people studying poetry online with this guy?

Al Filreis of the School of Arts & Sciences is spotlighted for his popular online course on modern poetry.


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Mother and son who are both poet laureates work to inspire others

A profile examines the poetic accolades of College of Arts and Sciences fourth-year Wes Matthews and his mother Airea D. Matthews, including their involvement with Kelly Writers House.


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Kelly Writers House celebrates 25th anniversary

A profile examines the history and influence of Kelly Writers House as it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with quotes from Al Filreis of the School of Arts & Sciences.