Materials Science

Paving the way for new light-powered devices

By combining cutting-edge concepts from theoretical physics, researchers from Penn Engineering developed “sypersymmetric microlaser arrays” that are both stable and have high power density.

Evan Lerner

A new platform for creating material blends

A novel way to rapidly create and characterize blends of polymers, nanoparticles, and other materials could significantly accelerate material development.

Evan Lerner

Embracing digital dentistry

The School of Dental Medicine is enhancing and integrating its digital capabilities, opening up new possibilities for training students, conducting research, and delivering seamless and cutting-edge patient care.

Katherine Unger Baillie

DIY origami face masks for COVID-19

The professor of materials science and engineering and chemical and biomolecular engineering is leading an effort to design an effective face mask that can be made at home.

From Penn Engineering