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Shining a light on the dangers of lead

Lead poisoning robs children of opportunity, and the impact is worse in underserved communities. Faculty and students at Penn are bringing scientific and policy attention to the problem, while empowering young people to minimize their risk and be leaders for change.

Katherine Unger Baillie

Walter Licht’s legacy of civic engagement

For more than 40 years at Penn, Walter Licht has crafted a career of equal parts renowned historian, teacher, and community activist, including creating the Penn Civic Scholars Program. Licht recently announced he is stepping down from his positions at Civic House.

Kristen de Groot

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Universities must help shape the post-COVID-19 world

Ira Harkavy of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships contributed to an article about the role of universities in establishing a post-COVID-19 world. “Higher education can add momentum by renewing our commitment to our core values of academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and engagement by students, faculty, and staff, and re-emphasising the role of higher education institutions as societal actors for the public good,” Harkavy and his co-authors wrote.


University World News

Balancing academic rights and responsibilities

Ira Harkavy of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships wrote about the challenges universities face when balancing academic advancements and social responsibilities. “Higher education institutions would better fulfill their core academic functions, including advancing knowledge, teaching and learning, if they focused on improving conditions in their societies, particularly their local communities,” he argues.