Public Health

States differ widely in requirements for young driver training

A new paper from Annenberg Public Policy Center shows how states differ in licensing requirements for teens, and how the crash rate correlates to training; the authors advise for families of teens to go beyond the minimum state requirements to keep teen drivers safer.

From the Annenberg Public Policy Center

False belief in MMR vaccine-autism link endures as measles threat persists

As measles cases rise across the United States and vaccination rates for the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine continue to fall, a new survey finds that a quarter of U.S. adults do not know that claims that the MMR vaccine causes autism are false.

From the Annenberg Public Policy Center

How unflagged, factual content drives vaccine hesitancy

A new paper from computational social scientist Duncan Watts examines how factual, vaccine-skeptical content on Facebook has a greater overall effect than “fake news,” discouraging millions from the COVID-19 shot.

From Penn Engineering Today

In the News


FDA Study finds infectious H5N1 bird flu virus in 14% of raw milk samples

Patrick E. Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center says it is important that anyone planning to consume raw milk be aware that doing so can make you sick and that pasteurization reduces the risk of milk-borne illnesses.


CPR News

Colorado has the most cases of bird flu among dairy cows in the U.S.

The School of Veterinary Medicine has developed a bird flu vaccine that is to be tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


The Hill

This Juneteenth, we must invest in our future as well as remember our past

Victor Roy, an incoming assistant professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, writes that “baby bonds” could help mitigate the worsening racial wealth gap.


Los Angeles Times

Column: How a blunder by a respected medical journal is fueling an anti-vaccine lie

Jeffrey S. Morris of the Perelman School of Medicine says that even with a 100% effective vaccine, there would have been high levels of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 in 2021.


Philadelphia Inquirer

RFK Jr.’s vaccine misinformation campaign started after he ignored a Philly doctor

Paul Offit of the Perelman School of Medicine and Melanie Kornides of the School of Nursing comment on Robert F. Kennedy’s misinformation campaign against vaccines.


U.S. News & World Report

What younger men should know about prostate cancer

Richard Wender of the Perelman School of Medicine says that pain symptoms may be a sign that prostate cancer has progressed to a later stage or indicate a different issue altogether.