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Monkeypox: What is known and unknown

The current outbreak of monkeypox is showing no sign of slowing. Stuart Isaacs of the Perelman School of Medicine, an expert on poxviruses, sheds light on the disease, its prevention and treatment, and what to watch for this fall.

Katherine Unger Baillie

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Biogen’s next Alzheimer drug feeds push for FDA approval revamp

Emily Largent and Holly Fernandez Lynch of the Perelman School of Medicine are quoted about the clinical uncertainty of new Alzheimer’s drug findings and the FDA’s need to have post-approval trials underway.



Early data suggest vaccine protects against monkeypox, but questions remain

Stuart Isaacs of the Perelman School of Medicine says that the CDC’s findings on the effectiveness of the monkeypox vaccine are encouraging.


COVID-19 shutdowns cost tribes millions. Should insurance cover the loss in Oklahoma?

Tom Baker of Penn Carey Law says that varying insurance laws have led state courts to differing opinions on the pandemic and discusses what that might mean for the Cherokee Nation’s argument.



Pfizer and Moderna seek authorization of omicron booster for kids ages 5-11

Paul Offit of the Perelman School of Medicine says that uncertain benefits for children and lack of historical data on bivalent vaccines might not justify pediatric authorizations for omicron boosters.


Tallahassee Democrat

FSU awarded grant for ‘mystery shopper’ research to reduce HIV infections in young adults

José Bauermeister of the School of Nursing will assist a Florida State University team in developing research on HIV clinics to decrease infection rates among young gay men.


The Guardian

Biden’s claim that COVID pandemic is over sparks debate over future

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel says that President Biden’s remarks reflect the general population’s current disregard of masks and pandemic precautions.