Public Health

Is climate change making the allergy season worse?

The timeline for seasonal hay fever has expanded in recent years. With the warmer temperatures, and a longer frost-free season, we may be exposed to more allergenic plants, leading to longer and more severe allergy seasons.

Penn Today Staff

Taking wellness up a notch

The University has spent the past three years working with the Healthier Campus Initiative of the Partnership for a Healthier America, implementing 23 new policies that improve nutrition, physical activity, sustainability, and overall wellness.

Lauren Hertzler

An implant to blunt opioid effects

A study by Penn Medicine researchers finds a slow-release naltrexone implant helps HIV patients with opioid dependence adhere to medications and prevent relapse.

Penn Today Staff

In the News

The Washington Post

The Tragedy to Communities When Church Buildings Are Demolished to Make Condos

Ram Cnaan of the School of Social Policy & Practice has piloted several studies on the economic and social benefits urban congregations offer local communities.


Philadelphia Inquirer

As Opioid Overdoses Rise Along With Suicides, Experts Look for Links

Maria Oquendo of the Perelman School of Medicine discussed opioid addiction, noting that “anywhere between 25 and 45 percent of deaths by overdose” may actually be suicides.