Student Athletes

Ball in play with Emily Sands

The junior forward and leading scorer on the women’s soccer team discusses her string of game-winning goals and playing for the Ivy League co-champions.

Greg Johnson

Keeping goal with Kitty Qu

The junior on the women’s soccer team talks about the team’s unprecedented success and why she welcomes the pressure of being a goalkeeper.

Greg Johnson

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

For Penn, March Madness Memories Will Outlast Regrets

Despite the loss to Kansas, the Quakers delivered a season of 24 wins and brought a strong defense to the March Madness game. “We played as hard as we could play,” said senior Darnell Foreman, who had led the team to victory at the Palestra on the 11th, qualifying them for the tournament.


Penn's Justin Watson handles pro day like a pro

Weeks of prep pay off as the wide receiver, who impressed scouts with his performance during the season, hits every mark on pro day.