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Fair use in visual arts

Penn Carey Law’s Cynthia Dahl weighs in on the SCOTUS decision regarding Andy Warhol and fair use in art.

From Penn Carey Law

The Sachs Program announces 2023 grants

Now in its sixth year of supporting creative practice at Penn and in the surrounding community, The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation announced grants totaling $170,000 at its annual Sachs Grants Awards ceremony.

Brandon Baker

Art of the South Asian diaspora

An event spearheaded by the Asian American Studies Program combined scholarship and artistic practice to showcase art of the South Asian diaspora as a contemporary American tradition.

Kristina García

A rare rediscovery revealed

An oil painting by 19th-century French artist Gustave Courbet that was found in the School of Dental Medicine’s storage is now on view at the Arthur Ross Gallery.

Louisa Shepard

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WHYY (Philadelphia)

Invisible dance exhibit highlights accessibility in art at UPenn

Carolyn Lazard’s “Long Take,” a new immersive art installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art, explores themes of accessibility and chronic illness using an unseen dance performance.


Philadelphia Inquirer

The Paris-to-Philadelphia story of a rebel artist, a visionary dentist, and a treasure lost and found

Lynn Marsden-Atlass of the Arthur Ross Gallery discusses the rediscovery of a lost Gustave Courbet painting in the basement of the School of Dental Medicine. It is now the centerpiece of a new exhibition.


Smithsonian Magazine

Workers stumble upon lost Courbet painting in university basement

Lynn Marsden-Atlass of the Arthur Ross Gallery discusses a new exhibition centered around a Gustave Courbet painting rediscovered in the basement of the School of Dental Medicine.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly’s Rocky statue gets the podcast treatment

Paul Farber of the Weitzman School of Design is hosting “The Statue,” a six-part podcast produced by the Monument Lab and WHYY and dedicated to the Rocky statue.


Billy Penn

A real art project at Quinta Brunson’s former school in West Philly mirrors the ‘Abbott Elementary’ Mural Arts episode

Thanks to the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Shira Walinsky of the Weitzman School of Design designed and created a mural at West Philly’s Andrew Hamilton Elementary with help from volunteers and Penn students.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Docs on rocks: Why do so many doctors study sculpture at PAFA?

Alumni Julio Galvez of the School of Dental Medicine and Alan Miller of the Perelman School of Medicine, and retired professors John Ditunno and Stephen A. Liebhaber of the Perelman School of Medicine are quoted on their participation in a Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts' sculpture class and why many medical professionals have practiced stone carving here.