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Counselors at Student Financial Services help find success, not stress

As grant-based aid packages—bolstered by named scholarships—have helped Penn welcome more students who come from lower-income households, Student Financial Services (SFS) has ramped up its ability to assist their academic journeys, especially during the pandemic when students needed more support than ever. That includes having two counselors—Silvia Hanks and Jodi Wagner—who specialize in serving highly aided students at Penn.

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To the voting booth for Primary Day in the commonwealth

Just one day after presiding over the University’s 265th Commencement, Penn President Amy Gutmann, along with voters throughout the commonwealth, picked representatives from their parties to put on the ballot for the November general election.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Alanna Shanahan is returning to Penn as athletic director

Alumna Alanna Shanahan has been appointed Penn’s athletic director. “I think one of the first pieces is just really helping the community get back on track in light of COVID,” she said.


The New York Times

14 excerpts from commencement speeches without the word C*VID

Alumna Laurene Powell Jobs’ commencement speech was excerpted. “We have to be prepared to walk through the door when it opens, or, by our own power and purpose, to open it ourselves,” she said.



Dr. Antonia Villarruel, advancing the top nursing school in the world

Antonia Villarruel was profiled for her emphasis on diversity and inclusion in her tenure as dean of the School of Nursing. “If we are advocates for our patients and for our communities, we have to demonstrate that same level of commitment by making sure that our education is open to diverse students and practitioners,” she said.



We need to ‘tear down walls… within and without’ Laurene Powell Jobs told U Penn’s Class of 2021

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, and alumna Laurene Powell Jobs addressed graduating Penn students at this year’s Commencement ceremony. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. And while you're doing it, love who you do it for and love who you are while you do it,” she said.


The Wall Street Journal

What I wish I knew as a college freshman

Anjalee Bhuyan, a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, advised college students to pursue opportunities that bring meaning and joy into their lives, rather than simply striving to build a strong resume.