Campus & Community

Enhanced Penn Health insurance coverage and care access

Penn’s insurance carriers have made enhancements for participants to the existing plan, so that members may receive appropriate testing and treatment for the coronavirus without encountering barriers associated with navigating any benefits issues.

Dee Patel

Fresh Grocer on campus has closed its doors

Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut streets has closed its doors. Penn Transit is offering new services to accommodate the grocery needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Dee Patel

A friendship born through marginalization

At the turn of the 20th century, Julian Abele and Louis Magaziner—a Black man and an immigrant Jew—were standouts in Penn’s School of Fine Arts about to launch distinguished careers in architecture. They were also beginning what would be a lifelong friendship. A Magaziner descendant and Abele admirer investigates what brought them together.

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In the News

KYW Newsradio (Philadelphia)

The new volleyball coach can't step foot on campus yet: College sports during COVID-19

Meredith Schamun, the newly hired head women’s volleyball coach, was interviewed about coaching during the pandemic.


The Washington Post

The Health 202: The race for a coronavirus vaccine isn't slowing, even as Trump undermines Fauci

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel tweeted in support of Anthony Fauci, calling him “a consummate professional whose advice has been sought out and respected by presidents of both parties. These attacks on him are disgusting and say more about those leveling them than about Dr. Fauci.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Trump administration agrees to end policy that could have led to mass deportation of students from U.S. colleges

President Amy Gutmann said she was pleased with the rescinded directive to ban international students taking exclusively online classes at U.S. universities this fall. “We are unrelenting in our commitment to continue fighting for our international students to ensure that they are treated as equal members of our educational community,” she said. “Today we can celebrate an important step forward in that effort.”



Here’s why seven Ivy League schools are backing Harvard and MIT’s bid to overturn Trump’s ban on international students

The University of Pennsylvania has joined other colleges and universities in filing an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit filed by Harvard and MIT. The lawsuit seeks to block the Trump administration’s proposal to revoke F-1 and M-1 visas from international students not taking in-person classes this fall.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Ivy League won’t have any fall semester sports

Athletics Director M. Grace Calhoun, who also serves as chair of the Ivy League’s committee on administration, commented on the League’s recently announced policies for fall semester sports. “The only way this really works is if everyone works together,” she said.