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Avery Posey’s cancer research takes high risks for big rewards

The assistant professor of systems pharmacology and translational therapeutics, who studied with Carl June as a postdoctoral fellow, combines his two research passions—gene therapy and investigating ‘little known’ biology—in the pursuit of new knowledge.

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Poultry in a pandemic: Getting the facts on keeping backyard flocks

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Penn Vet’s Sherrill Davison has seen an increase in phone calls from new flock owners looking for general management resources for their birds. Here, she offers health and safety advice for keeping flocks healthy.

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COVID-101: Medical students get a crash course in coronavirus

When physicians-in-training at the Perelman School of Medicine were sent home for remote work and virtual learning due to the pandemic, 80 fourth-year students immersed themselves in a crash course on COVID-19 virology, epidemiology, therapies, vaccines, and related topics.

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UPenn releases surprising report on 9/11 rescue dogs and their causes of death

Research from the School of Veterinary Medicine tracked the causes of death for 95 search-and-rescue dogs deployed on 9/11 and showed that most of the dogs died of typical age-related conditions and outlived others of their breeds. “Dogs have a really good filtering system,” said Cynthia Otto. “Their lungs are different—they don’t get asthma, for example.”


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Secret, powerful panels will pick COVID-19 vaccine winners

Susan Ellenberg of the Perelman School of Medicine said it’s important to keep data and safety monitoring boards anonymous to protect the members from people desperate for treatment. It “would be very hard to tell [a patient], ‘Oh I can’t help you.’ It’s an unreasonable burden,” she said.



Stay-at-home orders more effective on virus than closing businesses

Research by the Wharton School’s Kent Smetters, Alexander Arnon, and John Ricco found that shelter-in-place orders did more to combat the coronavirus than business closures and at a lower economic cost.


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Thousands of American troops to take part in COVID-19 early-detection study

PIK Professor Jonathan Moreno commented on plans to conduct a COVID-19 early-detection study on U.S. troops. “Should we ask for consent if it reveals medical issues that a person in uniform may not want revealed and is not relevant to job performance?” he asked.


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FDA poised to announce tougher standards for a COVID-19 vaccine that make it unlikely one will be cleared by Election Day

Holly Fernandez Lynch of the Perelman School of Medicine commented on the FDA’s use of emergency authorizations to expedite coronavirus drugs. “Is the president going to put the screws to the FDA so much that they will speed ahead on a vaccine?” she asked.