Health Sciences

Educating a 21st-century veterinarian

A curriculum overhaul incorporates integrated learning blocks with lectures and hands-on activities focused on animal health to prepare future graduates for lifelong learning.

Sacha Adorno

‘Communities for Childbirth’ in action

President Engagement Prize winner and  fourth-year Seungwon ‘Lucy’ Lee is creating a coordinated referral system of first responders, emergency dispatchers, and systemized hospital networks to improve emergency maternal health care in Uganda.

Kristina García

Understanding the decline in racial disparities in COVID

The School of Arts & Sciences’ Irma Elo and Samuel Preston, with a collaborative team of researchers, assessed racial disparities in U.S. COVID-19 deaths, calling for continued efforts to better understand and implement targeted strategies for addressing health inequalities.

Nathi Magubane

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

My brother’s recovery from a car crash became a lesson in how to talk to doctors and nurses

Emily Largent of the Perelman School of Medicine writes that communication is part of healing, as she experienced when her brother was in a car accident and unable to notify family himself.


Philadelphia Inquirer

In-hospital strokes like Charlie Manuel’s are common

Steven Messé of the Perelman School of Medicine has been working on a solution to a long-standing problem in stroke care and says that for a variety of reasons in-hospital strokes sometimes are not detected until hours after they occur.


Philadelphia Business Journal

Penn researcher’s Every Cure nonprofit lands ‘game-changing’ support as it works to help patients with uncurable diseases

David Fajgenbaum of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on “game-changer” funding for the nonprofit Every Cure, which he co-founded.


The Business Journals

Penn’s cell therapy pioneer Dr. Carl June shares $3M Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine has been awarded a $3 million Breakthrough Prize in life sciences for developing CAR-T therapy to treat cancer, with remarks from President Liz Magill.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn’s Carl June splits a $3 million Breakthrough Prize for pioneering the cancer treatment CAR-T

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine has been honored with the $3 million Breakthrough Prize for discovering how to attack cancer by harnessing a patient’s immune system through CAR-T therapy.